Mango Margarita Popsicles

Howdy partner. I am currently in the middle-of-nowhere-Texas where the trucks drive insanely fast and there is a whole lotta nothing to look at. I’m being cynical; I’m actually living out the American dream so it’s great. I have currently been up since 3:45 this morning and Jared and I are on hour 9 of the road trip back home. Five more hours till we have ‘reached our destination’.

No amount of sleep is worth the amazing sunrise that we saw this morning though. It is moments when I watch the sun come up that I’m reminded how young I am and how much good stuff is still to come! Texas was one of those memories. How fun is Texas?! If you’ve been there then you already know… but those of you who haven’t it is TOTALLY worth seeing. Everything really is “Texas” size. I’m going to get a small post together of some fun stuff that we saw and did but I do have to say it was great! 

Before we left for our spontaneous Texas getaway I made these Margarita popsicles! Inspiration: mangos were on sale for 60 cents. Not kidding sometimes I get recipe inspiration from the stupidest of things but you really can’t beat a 60 cent mango, can you?! Margaritas are usually my choice of cocktail, ESPECIALLY in the warm summer months! They are totally refreshing and totally worth making. They are also stupidly simple so you can’t really go wrong. Tie that bikini up and get one of these mango marg popsicles in hand for a perfect afternoon! Justin Timberlake's new “Can't Stop The Feeling” song just came on so I’m going to dance it out road trip style. Bye!


 1 Fresh mango diced
4 Oz of silver tequila
2 Oz of orange liqueur or triple sec
3 Tablespoons of agave nectar or simple syrup
¼ Cup of freshly squeezed lime juice

Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth. Pour into Popsicle molds and freeze for 4-8 hours. Best served in a glass of lemonade or a drinkable margarita, Cheers!