Aperol Pear Cider Spritz

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What a week it’s been! On Tuesday I flew from my family’s ‘Storybook’ cabin in Pennsylvania, straight to Boulder, Colorado for a photo shoot with one of my fav client’s, Purely Elizabeth! You can see some previous work here, here and here! I go to Boulder once every 3 months for a 2-day photo-shoot to give them seasonal batched content. We shoot for 2 days straight and usually have a ton of fun doing it. Elizabeth from Purely Elizabeth has a gorgeous house and a super nice kitchen to work in!

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Last night, I finally flew back home after almost a week gone. I haven’t left home for more than a week since last years Italy trip! I have such anxiety leaving my ‘work’ behind and feel like I should never take too long of a break. However, I couldn’t be happier that I did! My small vacations with my Dad and Grandpa (It sounds corny) are such a special opportunity that I won’t always have. In a weird way they make me feel very young and free which is hard to come by as an ‘adult’. 

To celebrate a wonderful week I am bringing you the cocktail that will make you break up with summer and fall, for fall! I’m a summer girl through and through. I love being able to wear a sundress for months at a time and I’m obsessed with Aperol spritz’s. I’m always sad to see these two things leave my life this time of year. I also had a jumbo bottle of Aperol left and I knew I was going to have to find away to kill it. Introducing the Aperol Pear Cider Spritz! Omgaaaah I’m so excited for you to have this recipe!

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It’s basically the same formula for a regular aperol spritz but swap out prosecco with hard pear cider and add in a splash of apple juice instead of sparkling water. I know that this drink would be so beautiful at any friends giving soiree! Be sure to make this during the fall season, you won’t be disappointed! 

Aperol Pear Cider Spritz 

1 Ounce of Aperol
Hard Pear Cider
Apple Juice
Pear slices
Rosemary Sprigs 

Fill a wine glass up with crushed ice. Pour in 1 ounce of aperol and fill the rest of the glass with hard pear cider, leaving room for a splash of apple juice. Garnish with pear slice and rosemary sprig. 

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