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Pineapple Mojitos

Wanna know something fun?! The very first legal drink I ordered at a bar was a mojito 😉 

If you don’t feel like your on an island somewhere with white beach and clear water drinking this, I would be surprised. The only thing it needs is the pineapple cup itself. I used Bai bubbles as the base of the mojito. Bai bubble drinks are filled with antioxidants and are naturally sweetened. 

Not only leaving you with a delicious cocktail but one thats easy on the calories as well. Each can of Bai bubbles is only five calories! 

They give you a little boost of energy too. They’re great!

As we are all slowly rolling into summer I hope you give this a try!

Bai Bubbles Peru Pineapple
4 Lime wedges
6 Torn mint leaves
1/2 Cup of pineapple chunks
      Splash of pineapple juice + ice 

yields 2 cocktails

Muddle together lime wedges, mint leaves, and pineapple chunks. Pour mixture into two glasses and fill with ice. Pour half of a bai peru pineapple in each glass. Top with a splash of pineapple juice and stir well. 

for pineapple garnish flowers

Preheat oven to 250 degrees fahrenheit. Slice pineapple into very thin (like paper thin) slices. They should be almost translucent. Place them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake for 45 minutes to one hour on each side, flipping them half way. Everyone’s oven is different when it comes to dehydrating so keep a close eye on them. The ends will start to curl and they will become darker when finished. 

Bai !


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