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Holiday Cranberry Mules

Well, I’d like to say I have been more productive this week but I am in full blown winter break mode. I  haven’t woken up before 9:30AM for the last week and it has felt sooooo good! For some reason this last week I kept telling myself “oh you have plenty of time to finish Christmas shopping” and then I looked at the calendar and realized christmas was in a few days. I got my butt into gear and got most of it finished, thank goodness! The only person left to shop for is my Dad. Does anyone else have such a hard time shopping for there Dad?! The man who either has everything or doesn’t want anything! I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve that I’ll have to work out. Other than the usual week-before-Christmas-routines I have been spending a ton of time with my Nanna. I miss her a ton when I’m away at school and always enjoy my time with her when I come home. She’s in her seventies but has the head of a 25 year old. If she wasn’t on so many damn medications, I’d go and take her out for margaritas in a heart beat. I always make sure to have an extra drink when I’m out for her 😉

While I am a margarita maven for most months out of the year, I love to switch it up for the holidays!

Cranberry Moscow Mules are on my holiday cocktail list this year. A classic mule is probably on my top three most ordered cocktails at a bar. I’m a huge fan of ginger and I love the spiciness from the ginger beer that it brings to the cocktail. It also cuts out any vodka taste for an ultimate smooth drink. Red and green are classic holiday colors but I also love to add in a shimmer or glitter to anything decorative! These mules have a great holiday scheme going for them right? The bright red and green in the garnish and the glitzy copper mug are a great combo!

I also wanted to wish all of you a wonderful holiday with your friends + family! I hope you find ultimate relaxation with a large dose of fun this week! Make memories, laugh until your tummy hurts and be so very grateful for all that you have. 


<img src=” Oz (1 Shot) of vodka

1/2 Cup of cranberry juice

Squeeze of lime juice

Top the rest of your mug with ginger beer

Give all ingredients a strong stir and top with fresh mint leaves and cranberries!


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