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Singapore Sling

How fun are vintage cocktails !?

 Sometimes I get a little bored with the
classic cosmopolitan or margarita. (But only sometimes because I

really really

love margaritas). If you haven’t heard of the Singapore
sling, do not feel like your cocktail glossary is lacking because it isn’t. The
sling was created in 1915 in a hotel in Singapore and unfortunately got a
little lost in the world of plastic-bottled-already-made mixes. The base of the
cocktail is heavy on fresh citrus, which I loooove but can often dissuade bars
to make because they do take some extra time and a little TLC to concoct.
Sometimes I wonder if people actually see how much sugar is in those bottled
mixes that they buy! It’s insane! Do yourself a favor and make the mix, your
hangover will thank you the next morning. And if you really didn’t know it’s
those sugary drinks that really give you a one way ticket to hangoverville and
no one wants that.  If you can get your hands on a sling they are usually
found in tiki bars! Enjoy!

Singapore Sling

2 Ounces of gin

2 Ounces of pineapple juice

1 Ounce of fresh lime juice

1 Ounce of blood orange juice or orange juice

2 Teaspoons of grenadine

   Sparkling water



lime wedges + maraschino cherries + mint sprigs

Juice citrus fruits and pour into a tall mason jar full of crushed ice. Add in grenadine, gin, pineapple juice and top the rest of your glass with sparkling water. Give a gentle stir and garnish with lime wedge, maraschino cherries and mint sprigs. 

Cheers !


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