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Bohemian Glam Table Setting

It’s that time of year! We’re breaking out the fancy flatware, spot cleaning those wine glasses or maybe just bringing out a few family heirlooms to dress up your table (which I love to do btw!).

This November I’m bringing out a three post series of Table Setting inspiration that are all fantastic for the holidays. They are all inexpensive, central around using what you have (including mismatched plates!) and creating something that is uniquely YOU without anything too prim and proper. I think your table setting should be gorgeous with still being approachable, ya know what I mean?!

This Holiday season we will be breaking out a Traditional Thanksgiving, Harvest Botanical and today’s look of “Bohemian Glam with a Fall Flare”!

If you like…

Rose Gold
Teal Jewlery
Floral Prints
Non Traditional Wedding Dresses
Twinkly Lights 

If you shop at…

Free People
World Market
Urban Outfitters
Vintage Stores
Jonathan Adler

If you resonate with these adjectives and find yourself browsing around these stores, then this table setting may be where you should hone in on for the Holiday.

Keep reading below to make yourself feel more familiar with the look and see how you can make your dream table come together in your own home!

Something Borrowed

The pink champagne glasses and the vintage Moscow mule mugs came straight from my great great grandparents house in PA. I absolutely love knowing that they have been sipped with, dined upon and even possibly gotten a little drunk with for 50+ years. It gives the whole table this cozy and comforting feel. Ask your grandma or grandpa if they have any family dining heirlooms that you could use for the special day. I’m sure they would be absolutely delighted to help you out. 

Let’s get colorful!

When I think of bohemian I immediately think of teal blues, marmalade oranges and rose gold hues. To achieve this look bring some color into your table! Pick 3-5 colors and use them through out your look. A good sample palette (teal + pink + orange + gold + burgundy). 

A Little Fresh & A Little Fruity

A healthy dose of fresh fruit and fresh flowers go a loooong way on a dining table. Not only are the inexpensive but they instantly brighten your table up and give it a nice homey and approachable feel. If you’re finding flowers challenging choose two or three similar colored stems and add in some greenery. Cut each flower a different length to give your vase some balance. Be sure to use a vase that isn’t taller than your glassware so you can still partake in great conversation with everyone at the table and not just your crazy uncle sitting next to you! 

For fruit: use as a table runner or pick your favorite and put on each table setting. For this bohemian look I chose persimmons but pomegranates would have looked just as lush!

All that glitters is gold!

Last but not least! Add a little sparkle for that dreamy bohemian feel. I chose the copper mule glassware and gold flatware. If you invest in anything for your table decor closet, make it a good flatware. Gold will make any table pop and believe me you won’t regret going the extra mile for it. I seriously use mine all. the. time.


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