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Say hello to our newest family member!

Hello nice to meet you! My name is Rascal! 


It has been one looooong time coming since we have talked about getting Rascal!

I knew once we settled down we would be able to finally get the little nugget. We knew what we were getting into and we wanted to make sure we would have the time for the little guy.

Luckily Jared works very close to the house so he can pop in and make sure he’s doing okay.

But you guys… having a puppy is a lot of work. I’ll be stoked the next full nights sleep I get. This little guy wakes us up twice a night.

For the last six months or so Jared and I have sent each other puppy pictures of golden retrievers and just gushed over the cuteness. I have had a few dogs growing up so I had a good idea of how much care goes into it. Jared however has never had a dog, EVER! 

As long as we have been together he has wanted one and loved the chance of watching other peoples dogs. Giving him something he had wanted for so long was such a good feeling. As corny as it sounds Rascal has brought us closer together in this warm fuzzy family kind of way. 

While we have only had the little man for less than a week I can tell you some of his favorite and not so favorite things


-Food… seriously this dog can eat. 
-Eating dirt
-Playing with a rope
-Eating the Christmas tree (are we sensing a trend?!)
-Falling asleep anywhere
-His trainer Julie
-Sleeping in a human bed


-Being in his crate at night
-Not being able to wander where ever he pleases
-Falling off the bed on accident
-Stepping in his water bowl
-Being on a leash


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