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Blood Orange Margaritas

Cinco De Mayo is on THURSDAY! YAY! What are you guys making?! This cinco de mayo I am going all out! My family is in town and they have NEVER seen my college and my little life here in CO so it’s kind of a big deal. The snow is melted and it’s even supposed to be a blistering 80 degrees, amen! So needless to say I feel like i’ve gotta pee every 20 minutes because I’m so excited! I’m throwing a big dinner for them. Enchiladas, beans, rice, 3 different Marg flavors, the works! Stay tuned to the blog to read all about it 🙂

Also! Saturday is graduation. Wait, let me say that again, SATURDAY IS GRADUATION! HOLY COW! I pick up my cap and gown on Thursday morning and I think then it will start to feel surreal. 


Blood Orange Margaritas



2 Ounces of blood orange juice or grapefruit/fresh citrus juice if blood oranges are not in season

1 Ounce of lime juice

2 Ounces of silver tequila

1 Ounce of Cointreau or orange liquer

2 Tablespoons of simple syrup or agave sweetener

Kosher Salt + Sugar for rim

Crushed Ice


  1. In a cocktail shaker combine juices, tequila, agave nectar and shake for 15 seconds.
  2. Rim glass with a blood orange wedge and dip in a half & half salt / sugar mixture for rim. *Note salt rim will not stick to plastic ware!
  3. Pour over crushed ice. Cheers!

Don’t forget to pin this for your next cocktail night! 


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