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Tea Rooms in England!

Cream tea, high tea, afternoon tea, cuppa tea, spot of tea, whatever you want to call it, I DID IT!

I could not get enough of the tea culture in England. And while my stomach definitely did have enough I could not stop! Every little tea room was different and unique and I absolutely adored it all. 

Some tea rooms are super simple and look like Starbucks. Some are vintage from head to toe… I’m talking gold rimmed tea cups, historical dish wear, the whole sha-bang. There is one thing that they all having in common though. They all have tea, coffee, CAKE! and SCONES! 

Seriously if I could eat whatever I wanted and not gain weight I would eat a mixed fruit scone with a mound of clotted cream and fresh strawberry jam. Also, an endless cappuccino dusted with cocoa powder that would just automatically refill itself after each sip… and not stain my teeth #growingupincaliforniaproblems

There are a few different ways to order tea in a tea room… Each is just as delicious and memorable..

Option One: Coffee & Treat. Basically a coffee or tea with a small treat of your choice like a scone, shortbread cookie, or maybe a slice of cake!

Option Two: Tea & Lunch. A pot or you favorite tea and a sandwich. Not all tea rooms serve lunch items but most do! 

Option Three: Cream tea! Cream tea lies in the middle and is a great afternoon treat. Basically like the American version of going for a coffee meeting. You’ll get usually get a pot of tea / coffee and mixed fruit / plain scones with clotted cream and jam. Simple and delicious

Option Four: (my fav): AFTERNOON TEA! Yes, yes yes! Served on a gorgeous tiered platter with a wonderful mixture of tea sandwiches, scones, and cake! Order a pot of tea for an english classic. Whoever is planning my wedding shower one day.. this is the theme that I want. 


Bottom Tier // Sandwhiches // Egg and watercress & cranberry and brie sandwhiches

Middle Tier // Scones // Fruit scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam

Top Tier // Cake // Coffee and walnut cake and victorian sponge

With a large pot of British tea or coffee, you CANNOT go wrong with this combo!


LUCY’S TEA ROOM, Stow on the Wold


THE FEATHERS, Woodstock, Oxfordshire 

SKETCH, London 


HUFFKINS, Stratford Upon Avon 

COMBE HOUSE, Somerset 


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