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Strawberry Lime Spritzers

Hello hello. Writing you all from Panera on a gloomy Monday evening. I’m scarfing down a broth bowl with all the oldies who have dinner at 4:30 because I have a night class from 6pm-9pm on Mondays. This is my last week of college classes EVER. I think the only reason I would ever go to college again would be when I’m like 55 and I want to take an oil painting class. I’ll for sure be that kind of old lady. I can see it now watching all the youngins come into class hung over. If i’ve got one drinking advice for all you college babies out there, is drink something water based. Coconut water and rum or my current favorite a soda water with like an entire lime squeezed into it. It’s so refreshing and doesn’t ever give you a crazy beer belly in your crop top (like my roomates problem). Also you’ll stay hydrated which will decrease your chance of a hangover. Man, I feel like a wise college graduate… oh wait 😉


2 Strawberries muddled
8 Ounces of sparkling lime water
1 Ounce of vodka (strawberry or lime flavor is preferred) 
Juice from one lime
+Crushed Ice

In a large glass muddle strawberry with lime juice and vodka. Fill with sparkling water and crushed ice. Garnish with strawberry slices and lime wedges.

*Note this is not a sweet cocktail but a fresh one, add simple syrup for desired sweetness.  


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