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Blood Orange Sangria with Hangar One Vodka

Well it doesn’t get more glorious than this time of year. I feel like a bear that has suddenly awoken from one LONG hibernation and I couldn’t help but celebrate with sangria. I love being able to take the party outside and just enjoy a nice long evening in a sundress. Top ten reasons why I’m happy spring is here!

1.) I walked to the mail box in my sandals for like two weeks straight now.
3.) Friend brunches!
4.) I don’t feel crazy ordering iced coffee now that it is somewhat warm
5.) Slowly putting sweaters away and bringing out ALLLLL the sundresses. 
6.) Graduation is around the corner (i’ve got mixed feelings about this one)
7.) I get to see my family and my very best friends in less than a month!
8.) The trees are starting to bloom, its really like living in a fairy tale
9.) Jared gets to play Friday afternoon golf now (he really loves that)
10.) Dinners outside 🙂 They’re my ultimate favorite!

My happy spring list could go on and on but we celebrated with Sangria to make it official! This sangria is so bright with flavor but light enough to sip on all afternoon. It’s made with a ton of fresh flavors like blood oranges, mint simple syrup and Hangar 1’s Fresh Picked Vodka. I think I have been more excited about this sangria recipe then any other simply because it was made with rosé. I really am trying to have a “yes way rosé!” motto in life these days so the more the merrier! Speaking of merrier, the rose, orange juices and Hangar 1’s Straight Vodka merry together SO. WELL. It is undeniable that you feel like you’re drinking adult koolaid. Needless to say we loved it. If you have an afternoon planned with your best pals, this is a great drink to make!  


1 Cup of Hangar 1 Straight Vodka
1 750ml Bottle of rosé wine
1/2 Cup of blood orange juice
1 1/2 Cups of orange juice
1/2 Cup of mint simple syrup
2 Blood oranges sliced
1 Large handful of mint leaves
1 Pint of blackberries

In a large pitcher add in blood orange slices, mint leaves, and blackberries. Add wine, vodka, juices, and simple syrup and stir well. DO NOT add ice. Leave this mixture in the refrigerator to marry together for at least two hours and preferably over night. When it is time to service fill glasses with ice and serve the pitcher with a spoon for optimum fruit filling!

*For mint simple syrup add equal parts water / white granulated sugar (1 cup & 1 cup) and head on medium heat until dissolved. Add large handful of mint leaves and let steep for 30 minutes – 1 hour. Strain and store in a jar or air tight container. 


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