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DIY: Ombre Painted Napkin Setting

This past month when I had my Summer Fiesta I really wanted to include some special details in my table design! I’m always looking to save a penny whenever I can and it’s fun to get my hands dirty with a DIY project for the afternoon. A set of 12 boutique napkins like this will run you a hefty dollar. I was able to make a set of 12 Ombre napkins for under $16.00. Yup $16.00 that is less than $1.50 a piece and it only took me a gloomy afternoon to do it. I hunkered down, put some Netflix on and found my happy place. It was a peaceful, but productive afternoon. I highly recommend it. 


-(12) %100 Cotton Napkins (or however many you need) (I found mine here)

– (2-3) Fabric paint colors in the same color family (These will do) I used teal and royal blue. *Tip* You can download the hobby lobby app on your phone and get %40 off an item EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! 


– (3) Water bowls with water


1.) Fill three bowls up with water

2.) The first bowl will be most concentrated with paint. Add in color(s), *I used a combo of teal and royal blue I added about a quarter size of each amount of paint.

3.) The second bowl of water will decrease with half as much paint and again half as much of the second for the third bowl. Your third bowl should be quite watery. 

4.) Begin painting your dry napkin with your lightest color about 3/4 up the napkin, continue with 2nd darkest color 1/2 way up and finish with your darkest color 1/4 up your napkin. Make sure to blend each color evenly.

5.) Hang dry for 4-8 hours. Afterwards I popped them in the dryer for 20 minutes to decrease the starchiness feeling and ironed them for extra special crispness!


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