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Fast Times in Texas

Texas. What an interesting state. 

Two weeks ago Jared and I randomly planned a spontaneous weekend trip to Texas. After the eighth hour of our 15 hour driving journey we started to realize it wasn’t so spontaneous but more rough around the edges. Our 23-year-old selves told us “you’re hardcore, you can do this” “be young”. So we did it and in the end it was absolutely worth it. We had a great time and made some great memories from our mini-trip. Even if we did spend more than 30 hours in the car getting there and back 😉  

We went for two reasons…
1.) It was are two-year anniversary (woohoo!) and
2.) Jared’s brother just recently moved to TX so we thought we should pay him a visit. 

During our 72 hours there we saw mostly San Antonio and Austin and a whole lot of the Texas highway. While I have only been there once and was there less than a week I couldn’t necessarily call this post a “guide” but rather some hints that could lead you to a great time! Enjoy!

Also before I forget! A huge shoutout to all my amazing followers on Instagram! I wouldn’t have seen half of the places shown without all you lovely people! Thanks again! If we aren’t insta friends we outta be: @college_housewife. 


We took a trip into Austin one night and stayed in the city. We wandered around and bar hopped. Inevitably, we got stuck in the rain and 100% humidity but we did end up at a wonderful restaurant for dinner. La Condesa is fine-dining Mexican, upscale, modern, beautifully interior decorated and 100% instagrammable. 


The riverwalk was my FAVORITE place in San Antonio. I could have had a margarita at ever single one of the restaurants that line the gorgeous 5 mile walk. We didn’t do all five miles but we saw some gorgeous hotels and restaurants. Plan your afternoon here. Soak in all that is San Antonio and get some authentic Tex Mex. We grabbed lunch at a place called Ritas on the River. For the most party it was good and semi-authentic but the service was a little rough and the food wasn’t as warm as I would have liked. The best part was their marg and yes, I got it Texas style. See photo below


I’ll be honest I didn’t expect to find a ton of cute coffee shops in San Antonio. I knew without a doubt I would get BBQ and tacos but Bakery Lorraine sure did prove me wrong. The bakery sits in the Pearl District of San Antonio. Which was my second favorite area to the River Walk. It was very modern and sleek. The shops around the Pearl District were also really fun! They were stocked with authentic clothes, kitchen items and home decor finds, it was all very “Texas”. Some other great places to try out in the Pearl area are Cured, Supper at Hotel Emma, The Granary and if you’re really luck you can hit up the farmers market on Saturday and Sunday mornings. 


Not kidding. When Jared and I went to dinner I asked him to wear jeans because we were headed somewhere kind of fancy and what a big mistake. Poor guy was in moist jeans because of the 100% humidity, I know he will never let me live it down. My yellow sundress was the single best thing I brought with me on this trip. If I went back to TX that is about all I would put in a suit case… well and sandals… and a bikini… or two. But really the sundress made an appearance 2/3 days we were there so trust me when I say bring some lighter clothes. 


-2 Pairs of Sandals (walking and fashion pair)
-A hat of some kind. I bought a fun one there!
-A taxi # for Austin because they DO NOT do Uber (insert rolled eye emoji)
-Cowboy boots if ya gotta em
-A raincoat. You probably thing I’m crazy because I told you to just bring sunglasses but it rained EVERY day we were there for at least an hour. Texas is bipolar.
-Tums. So much BBQ and Mexican. #indegestionproblems
-A good book if you plan on road tripping it like we did. 

Thanks for following my little TX journey. Traveling is one of my all time favorite things to do and I love sharing my adventures on the blog with you all. Let me know what are your favorites and what you would like to see more of! Chow!



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