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Charcuterie Grilled Cheese

I know I like to ramble on a little bit about lifes happenings in the beginning of my blog posts but NOT TODAY! This all star grilled cheese is taking up all the writing room. 

When I was making this grilled cheese I asked myself “Is this absolutely ridiculous or is this the best thing that’s ever walked out of my skillet?”. Ha. I went with best thing to walk out of my skillet after the first bite. This grilled cheese is nothing short of FREAKING INCREDIBLE. 

I am an absolute sucker for a cheeseboard. Whenever I am at a party I will slowly park myself next to the cheeseboard for a good ten minutes. Yeah, I suppose that’s pretty weird but I always loved cheese. I was the absolute pickiest eater when I was a kid but let me tell you I would eat any kind of cheese.  I had this mad scientist idea one day that what if I put everything I loved from a charcuterie board and wedged it into some thick grainy bread and called it grilled cheese? Thus the charcuterie grilled cheese was born. It’s seriously everything but the cheeseboard. 

The ooey gooey melty brie combined with bites of honey and apricot. Uh I’m going to start salivating just describing it. 

I chose to make mine on a thick and seedy honey grain bread but I’m sure it would be wonderful on brioche or sour dough or even a big baguette. The possibilities are endless and this is just the starting point. I would stick with the brie though. Brie is a melting cheese and gives you that heavenly gooeyness that we all love in a grilled cheese. I chose apricots, but peaches would be just as lovely. 

I joked in my snapchat that it is the perfect “sophisticated hangover food”. 

In all reality though, if you love a cheeseboard as much as I do… MAKE this grilled cheese because under no circumstances will you be disappointed. 


4 Thick Slices of whole grain or honey wheat bread
8 Slices of prosciutto
6 Thin slices of brie cheese
1 Apricot thinly sliced
4 Basil leaves
4 Tablespoons of honey
2-3 Tablespoons of balsamic glaze
1-2 Tablespoons of butter 

*Note for Balsamic glaze: 3/4 Cup Balsamic + 3 Tablespoons Honey; In a medium saucepan heat balsamic vinegar and honey on medium high until boiling. Reduce to simmer and continue to cook for 15-20 minutes until mixture has reduced and thickened. *Note: Trader Joes has a lovely selection of pre-made balsamic glazes which are perfect for this recipe!

Brush the outside slices of bread with a thin layer of butter. Add on half of brie, honey and 2 basil leaves to once side of bread. Add on half of prosciutto, half the apricot slices and balsamic glaze on the other slice of bread. Squish together and fry in a cast iron skillet for 2-4 Minutes on each side, on medium heat. *Tip: For ultra gooey cheese place a tablespoon of water into hot skillet and cover with a lid, this will intensify your cheese melting process! 

Yields two sandwiches. 



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