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Cheers! Blueberry Thyme Champagne Smash

I think if I had to name one alcohol that I would only be allowed to drink for the rest of my life or if I could only choose one liquor of choice it would be champagne! I just love it! Without a doubt it will be at the top of my Christmas list! I like the really expensive swanky bubbly all the day down to a $6 peach bottle from Trader Joes. It’s fizzy, it’s fun and it is freaking fantastic. I instantly feel like I am celebrating even if I am just sipping it on the couch. It is also so CRISP! Something about champagne is so clean. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I did! Also a fun tid bit… I found these mega cute champagne flutes at Target at the most reasonable price in case you wanted that info! 

Now go and pop that cork! You’ve some some champag-ning to do 😉 


1 Pint of blueberries
Handful of time sprigs
1/4 Cup of triple sec
3 Tablespoons of honey
+Champagne for topping

In a large bowl or jar, muddle together blueberries, thyme sprigs, triple sec and honey until all blueberries have mashed and released their juices. Strain mixture and pour evenly into four champagne flutes. Top the rest of flutes off with champagne and garnish with thyme. 



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