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Spiced Harvest Apple Mules


Happy Sunday everyone!

I hope you are cozied up on the couch watching your favorite shows and relaxing. Sunday’s are for getting your life and your zen together for a few hours so you can show the week who’s boss right?!

Lately these days I have been working twenty-four-seven! Between planning events for the club downtown and shooting blog content, I feel like I have to schedule time just to think! Literally! Since I have taken on a full time event planning job I have also brought in an assistant to help me keep up with my blog. Everyone meet Abbie!

Abbie is a design and photography extraordinaire. She has been editing and designing each blog post to look picture perfect, literally. But in all reality she has taken on quite a back bone of The Whisking Kitchen. She has been a long time friend and now a colleague.

Expanding the blog into a two person team has been so fun! I’ve been able to focus on giving you guys fresh content (which is the goal of this whole shindig!). We also get to collaborate on new and fresh ideas. It really is all very exciting. 

One of the ways in which I am really starting to expand The Whisking Kitchen is towards the direction of entertaining. But not like… break out all your $25 a plate china that sits in the buffet all year long type of entertaining.

A light, fresh, easy and affordable way of entertaining that any twenty something can get their hands dirty with. I believe that everyone should feel confident and comfortable in using their space to maximum capabilities. Whether it be a small intimate fondue party of four or a large 12 person backyard dinner, I know that you can tackle it on. And hopefully with a little help from us, you will!

One of the easiest ways that you can get your feet wet in the entertaining world is having friends or family over for drinks. Yes, no appetizers, no dinner, nada. Just a lovely libation to get your evening rolling and the blood flowing.

I love pouring my cocktails into some fun glassware for drinks. It makes people feel that you put some extra effort in to your recipes. By all means you can still keep it simple. Maybe even just a fun shot recipe to kick the night off!

If you’re feeling stumped feel free to try out this harvest moscow mule recipe. It’s light, fresh and perfect for Fall! It’s got apples, cinnamon whiskey, and hard cider. I don’t know about you but putting on a cable sweater, ankle booties and one of these is the perfect starter to a Saturday night. 


3 Oz of apple juice
4 Oz of hard apple cider
1 Oz of bourbon
1 Oz of cinnamon whiskey
crushed ice, cinnamon sticks, lime wedges, and apple slices for garnish

In a copper mug fill with crushed ice and pour in all ingredients.
Finish cocktail off with a garnish of lime wedges, cinnamon sticks and apple slices.


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