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Fool Proof Patio Snack: The Cheeseboard

Happy Spring everyone!

Feeling so excited to be able to slip back into sundresses and we also took Rascal to the dog beach for the first time. I think that was the highlight of that little five month’s old life. There is a dog beach in Huntington that we have been going to and it’s an absolute blast. We get exercise, Rascal gets exercise, it is a win-win situation folks. 

Other than the ramping up our beach game we have also turned to the patio! 

Has anyone else been having an at home happy hour on the patio?! Because we may or may not have had one every night since the time change!  Guilty. As. Charged. We turn on all of the string lights, put on the little JBL portable stereo and our best lounge clothes. Talk about a way to relax after a long day. 

Now that our patio is officially ready for the season (you can check it out here!) we have been breaking out the wine stash and putting together a little cheeseboard. Sometimes we even sans dinner and just go for the cheese. It’s great, whoever said adult life didn’t have it’s perks. Happy hour at home and cheese for dinner is DEF one of them. 

I have been trying saving this post until the weather is a bit warmer and people are able to jump out onto their patios more. I don’t know about you guys but Jared and I have bricks of cheese on hand like most people have loafs of bread. We love cheese. Like probably an unhealthy amount but what can I say. 

If the cheeseboard situation feels a little overwhelming to you, DON’T LET IT! It’s so easy! I have a habit now of picking up a little something every time I’m at the grocery store. If I see a log of cheese or a cracker that looks super tasty I pick it up and I know I’ll end up using it before the expiration date. The cheeseboard Anatomy to me is broken into five different pieces:

Cheeses: a good cheeseboard usually has a variety of soft and hard cheeses. Pick 3-5 for variety. If you’re feeling overwhelmed in the cheese section, for for the basics! You can’t go wrong with brie, blue, gruyere, cheddar, and Gouda!

Meats: The meats. Bring on salami, ham cubes, prosciutto, cured sausage, or even pepperoni if you’re into that!

Breads: Think little bread toasts, almond thins, baguette slices, and of course all different kinds of crackers!

Spreads: These are my favorite part of a cheeseboard! Honey is probably my all time spread for a cheeseboard, especially with blue cheese! Do me a favor? Don’t ever serve blue cheese with out honey. It’s like peanut butter without jelly. You can also put out chutneys, apple butter, and any kind of jam. 

Sparkle: The sparkle is basically accessories for any good staple outfit. I usually tailor the sparkle to the season. So since citrus is still up I included orange slices. I also through in some pomegranate, fresh herbs and lots of nuts! Basically go with what you love. Berries are always a great choice and choose between 2-4 nuts for some great crunch. 

It’s also good to have on hand a large cheeseboard, small dishes for jams and spreads, and a killer set of cheese knives. Anthropologie always has the most adorable sets if you’re looking to invest in a good pair!


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