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Christmas Tree Farm & Decorating Traditions!

Happy December! Is it safe to say it’s ‘the holiday season’ ?! I am currently cozied up on my favorite spot of the couch staring at my empty christmas tree. Our 7ft Douglas fir is standing tall in it’s rightful spot and wrapped up at the bottom in a furry white tree skirt. The ‘ahhh’ moment is real and we have reached optimum coziness in our little house. It’s the freaking best!

Last year for Christmas we were in our teeny tiny apartment and could only fit a puny little tree shoved up between the couch and the tv stand. Don’t get me wrong, I was really grateful for our space last year. But this year we have a real sized tree in a real house and I can’t stop staring at it. Rascal was around for Christmas last year but I think he hardly remembers it. This year when we brought the tree in I think he was half afraid of it and half ready to eat it. He seems to adjusted a little more to it. Today we are letting this curvy girl open up her branches a little and we’re going to go ham with decorations tonight. I’ve got some ornaments and lights from last year but I think I’m due for a trip to target for more tree  supplies considering how much ours has grown from last year.

Jared always said that his family would decorate the Christmas tree at night. We didn’t’ really have hardcore traditions at my house growing up. We did however have some crazy and horribly tacky decorations that my brother and I made through out grade school that made it on the tree every.single.year. I suppose last year we started a tradition of our own. We made a hot platter of lasagna and pomegranate margaritas while we decorated the tree. Tonight we have decided to keep it going this year. I’m going to make a classic mini lasagna (so there is plenty of corner pieces!) and turn on a ton of Christmas classics. 

Wondering who took these Christmas card worth photos?! Whenever we take photos like this I always bring in Abbie. She is one of my oldest friends and we go way back to yearbook days in highschool. Fast forward almost ten years later and we still are getting into creative shenanigans. She edits all of my blog photos, works on website design and even helps style out some shoots. She is quite versatile. This year I wanted to take some cutesy Christmas photos for cards. I love my little family and thought it would be worth the photo opp. It’s also nice to look back a year later and see how each set of Christmas photos change a little. I think next year we will look pretty similar but will most likely have another furry little family member 😉 

What do you guys do for holiday traditions?! Do you have a certain activity that you do while decorating the tree? 



  1. December 4, 2017 / 6:13 pm

    awww Rascal is such a cutie! we are trying to figure out how to puppy proof our christmas tree! archie is a 16 week golden and very chewy! we got smash resistant christmas decorations just in case. can’t wait to make some family traditions this year, sounds like you have a great one!

    • Elizabeth Van Lierde
      December 12, 2017 / 3:24 am

      Hi Georgie! I can totally relate! At that age (and still sometimes now!) Rascal loved wood chips, sticks, trees, you name it. Maybe it’s a golden thing?! I’m sure your tree is looking lovely!

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