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Grapefruit Rose Gold Margaritas

Happy Friday! (insert big sigh of relief here)

When I was a student Friday was exciting but let me tell you all you 18-22’s, it’s WAY more exciting in adult land. 

This week I really did my best to not be a work a holic. On Wednesday we even took the afternoon and made our way down to Huntington dog beach. If you have never been to a dog beach in general… they are SUPER fun! I love it because we get a little bit of exercise and Rascal is pooped by the end of it. Poor kid also poops out sand the next day but that was probably tmi ha!

We then ended up at a Hawaiian bbq place for dinner and almost came home and watched Moana but I realized 6:30 comes early so I passed out instead. Adult life definitely has it’s ups and downs. I 100% miss the freedom I had in college. We try and sneak in these little half days of fun as much as we can. 

Have any of my California locals made it out to the poppy fields?! I keep hearing some raving reviews and we are going to try and make it out to see for ourselves. Send over your favorite spots if you have been!

I love making you guys cocktails on Friday. I am usually in a relatively light mood and (ready for a drink) ha! So cocktails it is! Is it just me of has rose gold been like the ultimate trend ever?! I think it’s here to stay. While I am naturally a gold person I do love the femininity to it. Soooo we decided it would be a perfect touch for a cocktail!

I feel like when people think of tequila they have this manly connotation to it. Let me tell you I am a tequila drinking woman and I love it. I blame it on my love of citrus drinks. To me a citrus drink is a little lighter on calories but mega kicked up in flavor. If I am having a drink with dinner I usually opt out for something lighter so I don’t feel so full, ya know? And margs just do that for me. Especially with a plate of tacos… but thats another story!

So the Rose Gold Marg was born. And let me tell you it is PERFECT for spring! I mean just look at this thing. It’s pink, it’s got flowers and is so light and airy. I know you’re going to love it. Two of my friends were over while we were testing them out and they loved em. It is definitely your spring time weekend drink. Grab a sundress and snag the floral recipe below!

Rose Gold Margaritas

1/4 Cup of grapefruit juice, strained
1/4 Cup of fresh lime juice, strained
1/4 Cup of fresh lemon juice
5 Tablespoons of rose gold simple syrup
4 Ounces of gold tequila
3 Ounces of cointreau or grand marnier
Rose Wine
Crushed Ice

Rose Gold Simple Syrup
1 Cup of white granulated sugar
1 Cup of water
5-10 Rose petals
2 Large pieces of lemon zest

In a small pot add in water and sugar and heat on high until mixture is clear and melted. Add in zest and petals and let steep for thirty minutes. Strain and pour into a glass container.

In a shaker add in all juices, rose gold syrup, tequila, and grand marnier. Shake with ice for thirty seconds and pour evenly into four glasses. Top with plenty of crushed ice and a float of rose wine.



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