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Grapefruit White Wine Spritzers


If you follow along on instagram then you saw we made these white wine spritzers on insta stories last week!

We also made these painted background boards for photo styling! A few of you asked me if we could do a tutorial on how to make them and we most certainly have it in the works. I made the four major colors of the blog (you can see em in the logo!) but we will still use the regular ones like marble and wood!

If you’re feeling antsy and want to try it this weekend it’s basically just a thick foam board and I used acrylic paint (the little cheapy bottles from the craft store) and put it on with… wait for it…. a paper towel. Yup, thats it. I crumple it up in a little ball like a makeshift sponge and go to town. 

The boards are honestly so fun and make for such a bright pop in your instagram feed. I recently download Bri Emery’s Social Media Workship for funsies and she talks all about how to make your insta feed luscious. I thought these painted background boards would be a quick and easy way to add a pop of color everywhere. 

White Wine Spritzers also just SCREAMED for a pink background. They are fun and colorful and perfect for spring.

This is the kind of drink that I love to pull out for a lazy night on the patio. Yes, it’s not always gourmet cocktails in a pitcher every night ha! We’re super casual sometimes too. It seems like these days if you’re a millennial you most likely have some La Croix in your fridge (we’re guilty, we’ve got the blackberry cucumber shuffling through) and a cheap wine of some kind.

And that is basically it. I also like to add in half a citrus fruit squeezed and maybe some mint if the garden is cooperating. I’ve got a few little herb plants on the patio and every day I come home and a few more leaves look like they are eaten off. I’m determined to find this cat or wild animal that eats them uh. I know it’s not Rascal because that little pup just wants to eat sticks all the freaking time. 

Anyways… Oh also Rascal is a full blown dog now! When I say puppy I’m really just lying to myself and wishing he still was. I can’t even lift him anymore. Rascal updates to come! 

I hope all of you have a lovely weekend! If you do one thing get outside. It always makes my mood so much lighter for the week! 

White Wine Grapefruit Spritzers

5 Ounces of your favorite white wine
6 Ounces of sparkling water or soda
1/2 Grapefruit, juiced
Mint for garnish

In a large glass add in grapefruit juice and wine. Top off with la croix and mint garnish. Serve iced cold.

*If it’s super hot i’ll throw in a few ice cubes but totally optional!


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