DIY Party Margarita Bar!

Want to know my number one trick to kicking off a great party? Have your friends make their own drinks!

Ha…. but really. A DIY cocktail bar can be a fantastic way to open up the evening and the best part?
It gives you a chance to get all those last minute things together without having to fill everyones glass. 

Picture it… you’re first two guests have arrived and they’re those guests that don’t know anyone but you. You need a quick five minute buffer to get them rolling while you attend to the overflowing pot of pasta on the stove. A DIY cocktail bar can be the easy trick to introducing the two of them and doing an ‘activity’ together.
And lets be real a drinking activity can be the best introduction. 

A DIY cocktail bar gives both you and your guests freedom as far as your wallet goes too. They aren’t going through all of your best liquor but they still get some freedom in making their own drink. Follow below to grab my best tips for putting your own marg bar together for your own gathering!

We originally aired this great entertaining post with Emily Schuman from Cupcakes and Cashmere.. check out her site for more great tips and tricks!

Set the scene: Grab a bar cart or a simple table from your home that you can repurpose. For this we used my normal bar cart and added in a yellow side table from my patio. Chances are, you already have everything you need to create a “bar” at home! Before setting any party up I always layout what I have from my own crazy closet before I go out and buy everything I think I “need” at Target!

Texture and Color: Think table runnersthrow rugs, and textiles. For this we used a patterned rug, a strand of papel picado, and fun baskets and crates. This makes the whole area look super inviting! It’s also a great conversation starter to get your guests moving and mingling a little.

Flowers are never a bad idea!:  We added a decorative floral element by purchasing, then emptying (you can save the food in a separate container, or serve it at your party!) and cleaning cans of Mexican food like El Pato Salsa, and repurposing them as vases, with succulents and bright flowers. My go to entertaining decor is always always always fresh flowers! They are inexpensive and always add a pop to any decor. 

Fresh Fruit: Lemons, limes, and grapefruit, oh my! Don’t be shy on the citrus. This is a marg bar after all. Cut up tons of citrus fruits for garnish, and don’t forget the salt!

Grab some juice: Make it easy on yourself and grab some pre-made juice. There are tons of organic and fresh options now. For the basics go with grapefruit, lime, and maybe a fruity lemonade if you have kids coming over. Throw them in your best pitchers or mason jars for a fun arrangement.

Did someone say tequila?!: A standard margarita has tequila and some kind of orange liqueur. Stock up on gold and silver tequila and opt for some Cointreau or Grand Marnier! To help your guests along, print out a recipe that you love for some guidance!




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