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His & Her’s Cheeseboards

A big thank you to Ralphs and other sponsors for help keeping the college housewife afloat. All opinions expressed are my own! 

One of the most asked questions I get as a food blogger… what do you really eat for dinner?!

Cheeseboards: probably one of my top 3 weeknight dinner choices when we’re at home. And I’ll tell ya why!

All my blogger friends, chefs or people that work with food ALL day, WHERE ARE YOU?! 

Because any of them will tell you when you have been cooking, cleaning and preparing food all day, the thought of any large meal afterward can be kind of daunting.

After a long day of cooking…I usually clean the kitchen from head to toe, take one long shower (because my hair usually smells like onions) and I light my cleanest scented candle I can find to get all the weirdly intertwined food smells out of my house. 

After these 3 rituals, I usually curl up on the couch to edit photos and make Jared and I individual cheeseboards! 

Cheeseboards come together so easily and take hardly any ‘work’ in the kitchen. The only problem is…. Jared and I are like polar opposites when it comes to wine and cheese!

I am all about the bubbly, sparkly and white wines whereas he likes a dark, full-bodied reds. 

The same goes for our cheeses… I love a creamy gorgonzola or brie whereas he loves spicy and buttery. His go to’s are usually a smoked gouda and some kind of spicy cheddar or Havarti. 

Luckily my friends over at my local Ralphs always have a killer selection that meets both of our needs! We partnered up to match each ‘his and hers cheeseboards’ perfectly!

I am a total sucker for judging a wine by its label but this gorgeous Ava Grace Vineyards not only is beautiful but is such a nice rosé! The wine is floral and light but still, has such great flavor. I love pairing it with cheeses like brie, blue, gorgonzola, and Havarti!

The staff at Ralphs helped us pick out a bolder red blend for Jared’s cheeseboard. Not only was it made for ‘gentlemen’ but is a no frills red that pairs great with lots of cheeses! With over 78 local California wines at Ralphs, it can be hard to choose from! 

Shopping List: 

HERS: Rosé Wine Cheeseboard Pairing
For a Rose cheeseboard I try and keep the flavors really light and simple to complement the acidity in rosé  ! I want one of the kinds of cheese to have a bit of a punch and the other to be more mellow! 

CHEESE | Blue / Brie / Havarti
SWEET | Green Apples / Dried Apricots / Figs / Green Grapes / Honey
SALTY | Marcona Almonds / Proscuitto Slices
BASE | Waterthin Wafer Crackers

HIS: Red Wine Cheeseboard Pairing
I usually make a red wine cheeseboard filled with bolder flavors to bring out the strength of red wine. For cheeses I keep them on the softer side but be sure they have some kind of flavor kick!

CHEESE | Whiskey Cheddar / Smoked Gouda / Havarti
SWEET | Red Apples / Red Grapes
SALTY | Paprika Spiced Marcona Almonds / Salami Slices / Spicy Mustard / Olives
BASE | Raincoast Crisps or sturdy cracker



  1. October 5, 2017 / 1:13 pm

    i ahhhhhdore this post! it captures my marriage perfectly! 😍 can’t wait to give your faves a try – beautiful styling, as always. xo

    • Elizabeth Van Lierde
      December 12, 2017 / 3:12 am

      Thanks so much Jess! We have this for dinner all to often around here!

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