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The Sunday Slate: Vol. 3

Hey there! Happy Sunday! Guys, Sunday is BY FAR my favorite day of the week. I made a cozy little breakfast of crispy kale and potatoes and soft scrambled eggs for myself and my friend Alex. Last night I went into Downtown LA for a media event for Wedspire and I was able to bring my good friends with me for the night. Alex may have left her phone in my car due to the open bar lolz. It was an epic ladies night and I was so happy we we’re able to make it happen.

Today I have been working on some prep for my upcoming photo shoot in Colorado this week with Purely Elizabeth! I’ll be sure to post to insta stories so you can follow along 🙂 I also need to figure out my dinner situation… I’m thinking maybe some kind of green chili enchilada situation.  Wishing you all a very relaxing and restful Sunday! And now for the Sunday Slate situation…

1. Insta Cart App: Have you guys insta-carted yet?! It’s my dirty little secret. Basically insta cart is a way to grocery shop from your couch (or anywhere) and have your groceries delivered to you for a fee. I always feel like EXTREMLY lazy when I use it because I should probably just get my butt up and go grocery shopping myself buuuuuut it is totally convenient and ables me to stay nice and cozy while I grocery shop from my couch. Besides it’s huge convenience factor it keeps me from buying a bunch of crap I don’t need. You know when you go to the grocery store hungry and you just want to buy everything that sounds delicious?! I usually refrain from this when I am shopping for groceries online. Sometimes I even use it just to make my grocery lists and then take it with me to the store so I know EXACTLY what I’m buying. 

2. New Olly Vitamins: Along with trying to clear up my skin, eat better, exercise more, etc (which have been going very well this month!). I also started taking some vitamins on the regular. In the past I have picked up a bottle of vitamins or so but always forget to take them and usually find the smell of them pretty repulsive. Sooooo the inner kid in my totally fell for some clever marketing and bought these crazy gummy vitamins from target! They we’re probably the most sophisticated gummy vitamin I have ever seen. I love that you can buy them for literally everything! Probiotic gummies, clear skin gummies, brain focus gummies. It’s like an adult freaking candy store and I’m loving it. 

3. Hair looks I’m loving! Oh my hair… what an interesting relationship. To be honest I hardly have ever had a ‘different’ style. In high school I really butchered my hair and bleached the entire thing. It basically looked like I peed on my head. Then I had a very dark brunette phase and now I have fallen into a very natural phase (which I love!) but it can sometimes be a little boring. I’d love some advice from any stylists out there?! These are some looks I’m really liking!

4. Our first time using Blue Apron! This week on Instagram I am doing a sponsored post with Blue Apron and it was our first time using it! Jared has been asking me to order Blue Apron for like fooooorever! I had never really been into it but when the opportunity arose I figured, why not?! Anything I can do it get Jared to cook more sounds good in my book! Be sure to follow along on Tuesday for the small story!

5. Guacamole Bar on Inspired Home: I wrote up a really run article on different ways you can create a guacamole bar! This article was mostly tailored for ‘healthier’ super bowl appetizers but you can really use the idea for any party or get together you’re having. Check the article out here!

6. New Prop Styling Guide This week on instagram I sent out a little sneak peek of a food prop styling guide that I finally started! I’ve gotten quite a few messages over the last few months if I would ever consider writing one and to be honest I really hadn’t. When I realized that so many people were in search/need of one I figured what the heck, why not?! Over the last few weeks I have jotted down all my mental notes during styling sessions and even took some messages that you all sent into my DM’s over topics to cover. So far it’s looking like a 10-12 page PDF guide with lots of photos and tips! So excited for you all to get your hands on it and hopefully expand your styling skills! This is a sneak peak of the ‘wood’ section or chapter that I’ll cover and how wood pieces can bring warmth into your photos. 

7. Weeknight Dinners to try this week! 


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