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The Sunday Slate: Vol 4

Happy Sunday! Reporting to you from my living room floor. It is currently Saturday afternoon (yesterday afternoon!) and we are having the most relaxing of Saturdays. Jared is playing video games and I am nestled in my little corner with a cozy throw blanket. Rascal is also going ham on his stuffed ikea dog. This is quite a common weekend scene for us. This morning I went to my fifth workout of the week. (I really don’t know what’s gotten into me) Jared and I signed up for a new high intensity workout gym that is class based and lasts 45 mins. It is an easy way to sneak in a really great workout everyday!

Afterwards, we walked over to our little farmers market for some fresh produce. I love seeing what is coming into season this time of year. We rounded out the afternoon with some mediterranean food and a good few hours of ‘nothing’. Life was so crazy this week with my trip to Chicago that I really just needed to play catch up this weekend. I am happy to report that I am not traveling anywhere for a few weeks! I am such a homebody and looking forward to putting away my suit case for a little while, but just a little! 

This week I’ve got a really fun muffin recipe coming up that is great for easter, mother’s day, etc! And a skinny pasta recipe that is going to blow your socks off! If you love pasta but don’t love killing your diet, this recipe will be so great for you! Before we jump too far ahead I’ve got a great few Sunday Slate topics for you today! Tons about the housewares show I attended in Chicago and some new fashion and housewares that I am loving for Spring. See you this week on the blog pretty people 🙂 

 A quick clip we took outside of the art museum in Chicago last week! I am also in love with my new flats from Zara!  A quick clip we took outside of the art museum in Chicago last week! I am also in love with my new flats from Zara! 

1. Ikea’s new 2018 catalogue
Ikea dropped their new 2018 catalogue with the theme ‘make room for life’. If you didn’t know we live in a very small 800 something foot house and all or our furniture is pretty much tailored for small spaces. I would love to live in a big house and have this Cloud Couch from Resoration hardware but we are making do with what we have and the house is a nice fit for us right now. Needless to say Ikea is one of my first stops whenever I need a piece of furniture. Not all of our furniture is from Ikea but a good amount just based on size issues. Off the record, I love spending any Saturday afternoon browsing the isles with an ice cream cone. So far I am loving these rocking chairs and this $60 kitchen cart! What a steal! 

2. All Bird Sneakers!
During my shoot last month one of the Purely Elizabeth marketing managers was wearing the cutest most comfy looking sneakers. I asked her what they we’re because they looked so different than regular nikes or Adidas. She told me they were ‘all birds’ which is a New Zealand Sneaker brand. They are known to be ‘the comfiest sneaker ever’. I love to skip out on socks whenever possible and loved these sneakers even more because of the ‘no sock’ feature. They are made of wool and apparently no socks are necessary. Totally ordering a pair and trying them out.

3. House and kitchen brands that I am loving!
Last week I was in Chicago for the international housewares expo and it was like a gigantic interactive Macy’s! There we’re hundreds of housewares there displaying their products and showcasing what new things they have coming out for spring. Brands like kitchen aid, Staub, and Le Creuset!
Some of my favorites were: 
1. Berghoff: A Belgium brand that takes ikea kitchenware and has made it undeniably classy. I love the quirkiness of Ikea but it can sometimes feel really cheap. Berhoff’s brand embodies Scandinavian-hygge quality with an affordable spin!
2. Sano De Gusto: A serving ware brand that makes a gorgeous line of temperature controlled platters and dishes. They are actually beautiful and you couldn’t even tell they we’re embedded with this amazing technology!
3. Fred: Basically an extremely classy and witty version of Spencer’s for the kitchen. You have to just check them out and see for yourself. I already know you’re going to love them as much as we did! 
4. Mason Cash: A timeless english brand that has everything you need for baking supplies. My favorites are their bright patterned mixing bowls and innovative kitchen line!
5. Ellen Degeneres Tableware for Royal Doulton: 
I really do love Ellen. Believe me when I tell you… I walked passed her tableware at the Royal Doulton booth and I had NO IDEA it was her line. I simply loved it from the get go and then when I knew she was behind the line, I would have to have it! It’s super classy and has a Santa Barbara quirkyness that I really enjoyed! Way to go Ellen. You’re style is #onbrand. 

4. New Video!
A few weeks ago we filmed 6 recipes and the first one came out this week! The first one that came out is a vegetarian lentil and mushroom shepherds pie! This was the first photo that we filmed of the day. It was shot at about 9am in my little Orange County Kitchen. Two of my best friends were sitting right in the living room while it was being filmed. I had TONS of help making these videos and it really does take a village. The next one will come out sometime this week! Enjoy!


5. A few spring clothing items I am loving at the moment!
Pink Faux Suede Biker Jacket | Front Red Wrap Dress | Emboirdered Smock Dress | Ciao Graphic Tee

6. Dr. Pimple Popper! 
Look… I know it’s gross for like 90% of people but I am a total sucker for those pimple popper videos. It’s like a bad accident that you just can’t turn away from. This article interview Dr. Sandra Lee and of course I found it fascinating lolz. 

7. Warner Brothers Studio Backlot tour! 
A few weeks ago we had some friends in town from Baltimore and we gathered up a bunch of touristy type activities during their stay. We did the beach, disneyland and my favorite: The Warner Brother’s backlot tour! If you didn’t know I had (have) an unhealthy obsession with Pretty Little Liars. I know some people would tell me it is the worst show ever but I grew up with the characters and I just really like it okay! Don’t hate me! BUT the warner brothers tour not only shows Pretty Little Liars Rosewood but so many other sets! Gilmore girls, Harry Potter, Batman, Ellen Degeneres stage, I could go on and on! If you’re in LA it is a magical way to spend your afternoon. Grab your tickets here! 


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