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‘Loaded’ Restaurant Style Miso Soup

First recipe of 2018 let’s gooooooo! It’s sort of healthy, very refreshing and filled with veggies. My kind of kickstart meal to a new year!

I have officially cleaned out my pantry and my closet and it feel so refreshing. I was so happy to start this year off with some peace around the home and a clear mind. My next few house goals are to finish off the kitchen (almost there!), spruce up the backyard and create a nice office/shooting space for myself. Now that I am working from home my ‘home’ definitely serves as so many purposes. 

I wanted to start the year off with something light and flavorful. I first have to ask… are you a miso soup person? By that I mean do you usually order the little side soup when you go out for sushi or Japanese food?! Because I order it every. Single. time. I had my first sushi / Japanese experience in college and there was no turning back. Shout out to Daruma Role for always giving this college student 3 rolls for $10. I’ll never forget my favorite Friday date night spot. 

I seriously love miso soup so much that I started having it for lunch this winter because it always made me feel so cozy. Miso soup is generally really healthy for your and that umami flavor really fills me up inside. I started to think to myself that I really should share this little soup recipe as it’s something I eat on the regular and is really great for these cold winter months ahead of us. 

I have also been diving into more Asian cuisines. I’ll be honest I am not as knowledgeable as I’d like to be on all the components (there is so many!) but I recently got a pair of amazing Japanese knives and I have been researching a ton about Asian ingredients. I just love how so many dishes can be really healthy for you but still packed with flavor. If the thought of trying out Japanese food in your own kitchen seems intimidating, no worries we’re in this together! 

This miso soup started out as a simple lunch item at home and I slowly kept adding things. If I had any leftover mushrooms or onions… threw it in. Wanted to finish off the sriracha bottle… throw a little in. Really, it’s like the kitchen sink of miso soups. The base is just like restaurant style miso soup but I have added some hearty vegetables and buckwheat noodles to thicken it up and make more of a meal and less of an entree. 

Believe it or not, this soup recipe is totally vegetarian but you’d never know it. It’s so hearty and filled with rich savory flavors. 

‘Loaded’ Restaurant Style Miso Soup
1 Quart of vegetable stock
3 1/2 Cups of water
2 Heaping tablespoons of miso paste (I use traditional red) 
1/2 Cup of green onions, thinly sliced
1 Jalepeno, thinly sliced (half for recipe, half for topping) 
1 Head of baby bok choy, thinly sliced
1 Cup of edamame beans
1 Cup of thinly sliced mushrooms
12 Ounces (1 small package) Buckwheat noodles
3-4 carrots, cut in match sticks carrots
Tofu cubes, optional
Bean sprouts, extra jalapeños slices and chili flakes for garnish

In a large pot or dutch oven heat vegetable stock and water until simmering. Grab 2-3 tablespoons of broth water and mix with miso until a runny paste forms. Add paste to stock and stir until incorporated. Add in all veggies and cook for 5-10 minutes. Add in buckwheat noodles to broth and cook for 7-8 minutes, stirring the noodles into the broth. Add tofu 2-3 minutes before serving. Garnish bowls off with chili flakes, bean sprouts and extra jalapeños if desired. 


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  1. January 4, 2018 / 5:03 pm

    love love LOVE Asian food! Biggest thing I miss about Australia is the access to amazing, fresh quality food at the many restaurants there! love the pics, your photos are always so bright and beautiful!

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