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The Sunday Slate: Vol. 1

Hey there! This week I am trying out a new series on the blog called The Sunday Slate. This will be a weekly post that occurs on Sundays. It will be a roundup of different things, experiences, trends, etc. that I have been really into for the week. I love reading these posts from other bloggers that I read regularly so I thought I would start one of my own. I think it’s such a nice little peek into what’s going on during my week other than recipes and dishes. Let me know what you think and if it is a series you would be interested in reading weekly! 

1. These Mules! They are seriously are the greatest little black mules that go with everything! I’ve been looking for a new pair of shoes that could be great with jeans but also dress up a bit to go out to dinner with. They aren’t a brand that I was familiar with but I really love them and the sparkles make me feel so fun!

2. Organizing! Man, does it feel good! I have recently reorganized our pantry, closets, and general tidying after we took the Christmas tree down. The next big project we plan on tackling is our garage. What an adventure that will be! Seeing as it’s almost patio season I am so excited to get our house and space in order for some summertime entertaining!

3. Upcoming Travel! I recently booked two trips for the coming months. One is to Boulder, CO for a photo shoot with Purely Elizabeth Granola. I did their website redesign shoot back in September and I am so excited to be heading out to execute another one for two new products they are launching1 I’ll also be headed to Chicago in March for the international housewares organization show! I was invited to The Inspired Home, a housewares blog that I write for (3) times a month. 

4. Keeping up with New Years Resolutions! So far I have kept up my resolutions this week! I went to the gym three times and took Rascal on 4 (2) mile walks this week. I also went out twice with some girlfriends to dinner and a movie. Time with your gals is really so therapeutic.

5. My Japanese accident. For Christmas Jared gave me this beautiful Japanese Knives that are so beautiful and FREAKING SHARP. I was cleaning them on Saturday and swiped my thumb right on the blade through the towel I was drying it with. Man, did I learn my lesson or what? Unfortunately, I will be out of the kitchen for a few days. It’s safe to say I have deepened the relationship with my new kitchen tools. All pun intended. The top one is the one that I tangoed with…

6. What I’ve been watching and listening to… This week we have decided to start watching Stranger Things and I usually have a guilty pleasure or two going while doing computer work. This month I’m all about Gossip Girl. When I am actually food styling and shooting I have the television off and music going. I have been really into The Lumineers Pandora station. 

7.  Focusing on my skin. I have always had troubled and breakout prone skin and it is down right annoying. This month I have recently teamed up with Inspo Network to film 6 recipe videos (yay, so exciting!) and sister really needs to get her skin in order. I am nervous enough to film the videos but I really want my skin to be looking fresh as I’ll probably have a few close up shots. I went and got a European facial this week with a very mild enzyme peel. Apparently my skin is very dehydrated and irritated. The esthetician down right reprimanded me when I told her I used a scrub once a day (actually twice a day, but shhhh). So I am now using this gentle cleanser and this moisturizer. Let’s hope I can get this in all working order by February. 


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