Harry Potter Cocktails: Pomegranate Polyjuice Potion

My next secret to ultra cool Harry Potter style cocktails is dry ice! I’m going to tell you a ground breaking secret (and almost embarrassing for me!). This is my first time using dry iced, EVER! Tell me it doesn’t look so amazing in these photos!? I’ve wanted to dip my toes into this scientific foodie world for a while, but I was a little nervous! I had weird preconceived thoughts that the dry ice would explode or I would burn myself but neither of those things happened!

 The trick to using dry ice is to have some really thick gardening gloves handy (don’t handle it bare skinned!) and a little goes a long way. Each of these vessels was filled with just an ice cube sized chunk for an epic effect! And yes, you can actually drink these cocktails! Just don’t put the actual chunk of ice into your mouth because it could burn you! We picked up a ten-pound block of dry ice from Smart and Final but most grocery stores sell it! Cut off the chunks you need with a sharp knife or place the entire block in a warm water filled cauldron.

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