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The Best Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwich

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Currently finishing up some last minute projects and then I plan on cooking the night away with my Mom. My parents are hosting everyone for Thanksgiving but I can’t help but dig in and help in anyway I can. She has assigned me to classic green bean casserole, this brussel sprout gratin, and a pecan pie. I have been looking up fun pecan pie recipes all week trying to find the perfect one! I am thinking some bourbon in the recipe might do the trick! I’m going to get very cheesy on all of you guys but I do want to give one HUUGE thank you to all of my loyal readers out there. This time of the year always has me counting my blessings and reminding myself to feel so grateful for all the year has given me. Just know I’m thinking of you as you’re reading this and I could not be more grateful that you are here! Below I counted out 8 things that I am feeling extra grateful for!

  1. My Blogging Community! For real. For the most part the whole blogging community is incredibly supportive and amazing. Of course there are outliers but everyone generally has each other’s back.

  2. Health & Wellness. Just like anyone I am always wishing I was 10 pounds lighter or my skin was clearer but in general I am super grateful to be healthy. I recently started to have to look for health insurance for myself and I have realized just how much of a blessing being healthy is.

  3. My espresso machine. Thank you for getting me through the 5 am mornings and working till 8pm at night. Without you, I may not have made it this past year.

  4. My assistant Abbie. Holy Moly! My whole work life changed when I was able to start bouncing ideas off of an incredibly talented person. Thank you for listening to my crazy ideas, rants and being there for all the silly tasks that are thrown at you.

  5. Friends & Family. Cliche, I know. But none the less very important! I am a firm believer that you are who you spend your time around.

  6. Living in California. I take living in California extremely for granted. I know we have fires, insane taxes and crowds galore but not having to scrape snow off my car or wear 10 million layers is enough to make me kiss my front porch everything morning.

  7. The ability to work anywhere. I am currently writing this post from a coffee shop and it is so wonderful to know that for the most party my job is very mobile. Other than shoot days I can just pick Rascal and myself up and work from anywhere.

  8. My crocs. Yes girl, I wear crocs. I wear them during shoot days and I am grateful that I have taught myself to be okay with this fashion faux paux. They’re crazy, I know. But they keep me non stick in the kitchen and my feet comfy all. day. long. After I ditched my corporate wardrobe I invested in a ‘comfort’ wardrobe.

Comment below with something you’re feeling extra grateful for!

I look forward to hosting all my family one day for Thanksgiving but there is something so cozy about heading to my parents for the day. My mom makes all the standard dishes and usually a funky dessert or side here and there! She also usually ends up burning a good 1/3 of the dishes but we love her anyways. One thing that I always look forward to is the LEFTOVERS! My mom seriously hooks it up. She buys new tupperware to hand out to everyone and we have leftovers for DAYS. By the time we are finished I am like almost sick of Thanksgiving food… but not quite.

This year I am getting creative with the leftovers and making some funky sandwiches! If you have ever had the holiday sandwich from Starbucks then you are going to LOVE these little sliders! I’m layering up all my favorite Thanksgiving leftovers like gravy, turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and more! The weekend after Thanksgiving I always feel so conflicted because my mind tells me that I should start to clean up my diet but I also want to dive into leftovers for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

My solution: add some greens! Whenever I add greens and vegetables to dishes I always feel like the meal is more justified. I love having a variety of Taylor Farms greens on hand! For this sandwich we are using their Organic Arugula. I love using Arugula on greens because it adds a crisp peppery flavor! In all honesty though, I love keeping their greens on hand because they are organic, pre washed, and ready to go for any recipes. Every grocery shop I always pick up some organic baby spinach, and a power greens blend for smoothies.

The Best Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwich

4 Rolls (we used Hawaiian sweet rolls!), lightly toasted
Softened Butter
2 Cups of cooked Turkey, shredded
1 Cup of gravy, reheated
2 Cups of stuffing
1 Cup of cranberry sauce
Taylor Farms Baby Arugula

1. Lightly toast your rolls in a toaster and spread with an even layer of softened butter.

2. Heat up your leftover turkey, gravy, and stuffing in the microwave or an oven heated at 375 degrees for 5-10 minutes. Layer up even layers of all ingredients in between roll ends and add in baby arugula just before serving.

If you’re looking for more Thanksgiving leftover recipes be sure to check out Taylor Farms easy leftover salad recipe!


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