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The Sunday Slate: Vol 5

Happy Sunday! If you’re new around here Sunday’s post are dedicated to a fun round up of my favorite things and happenings of the week! This week was a super busy one filled with over 10 shoots, a major clean up of our back yard for Easter! and a big takeover with Real Simple Magazine!

I hit the ground running on Monday with a massive 7 recipe shoot for Purely Elizabeth. They are launching their digital edition of their spring magazine so we contributed some fun styled recipes! Thursday was by far the best because I got to read this epic article from Real Simple Magazine that was about our rental kitchen renovations! We rounded out the week with a massive backyard clean up! I am hosting my first big holiday for Easter and we are going to do it in the back yard. I did a massive sweet, hose down and planted a few new plants and herbs. It is really starting to shape up. I am currently sitting out here now writing this post for you guys 🙂 I hope your Sunday is off to as much of a peaceful start as mine!

Now, for the Sunday Slate…

1. Cliff filled peanut butter bars
Goodness, gracious. THESE BARS! Lately, I can’t leave the grocery store without snagging one. A granola bar isn’t my usual ‘go to snack’ because I think a lot of them lack flavor and overall excitement, but not these bars. The best way I can describe them is that they taste like a healthy candy bar. The insides are filled with creamy peanut, almond and coconut butter for the best surprise ever! They are the most perfect little energy kick for your afternoon (or just when you want something delicious!). A chocolate peanut butter filled bar and a sparkly pomegranate kombucha and I am SO set for an afternoon. 

2. January’s Photo Shoot with Purely Elizabeth
 In January I went to Boulder, CO for an epic photoshoot with Purely Elizabeth! I couldn’t really share the photos till their products had launched! It was my second big shoot (1st one found here!) with their brand. PE recently launched a new line of vibrant oats and superfood bars to add to their healthy collection of products! The photoshoot was filled with fun set ups! The vibrant oats feature bright colors like hot pink, electric blue and mustard yellow. The whole day we were using bright colored backgrounds, throwing peanut butter like paint and just generally making the best creative mess. Photoshoots like this really get me inspired and remind me that I am so grateful for my line of work! 

3. The Inspired Home Quinoa Bowl Recipe!
This week I wrote a recipe on The Inspired Home for a quinoa, kale salmon bowl! These bowls are filled with hearty quinoa, crunch kale, citrus segments and blackened salmon. They make for the most perfect recipe when you want pizza but need to be healthy because they are so full of flavor! 

4. Lady crushes of the week: Brooke Lark!
Everyone, meet Brooke! I have been fan girling Brooke for quite a while now! She is always a contributor over at The Inspired Home like I am but let me tell you, she is SOOOO much more than that! Brook works from what she calls ‘the ratchet manor’ in Salt Lake City in what I think is the most stunning studio space! Her instagram and website is filled with stunning videos and images that capture her work. Brooke’s entire brand tells a raw truth of what it’s like to be a food stylist, blogger, photographer, everything! So many of her posts I can actually put myself into the exact scenario that she is sharing. If you’re also just looking for some amazing food visual artists to learn from, take an hour or two today on her site. You WILL NOT be disappointed. 

5. Real Simple Magazine
This week on Instagram, I took over Real Simple Magazine’s account for a takeover! It was such a fun way to branch out and meet new people! I was floored by how many people came over to my profile to follow along. They also were gracious enough to write an article on our rental kitchen rennovation! The post follows along some great space saving techniques that we used in our tiny kitchen. Read all about it HERE!

6. Spring Mood Board
Visually what I am trying to capture for Spring. All photos can be found on my ‘spring time’ pinterest board. 

7. New Video! The ultimate Trader Joe’s cheeseboard! 


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