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My Easy Trader Joe’s Cheeseboard + Video!

A one stop shop cheeseboard trip that makes having people over so simple! 

Friday afternoons are meant for leaving work early and going for tapas, light bites and fresh cocktails. Period. 

Last year, I started an at home happy hour series on the blog and it was the best. I really hope that it inspired people to take an extra few hours for themselves on Friday or Saturday and start the weekend right! When we lived in our apartment last year I spent so much time on the patio and tried to eat outside whenever we could! We are still working on getting the backyard in shape, but we’re getting there! I can’t wait to get out there and soak up all of Spring and Summer outdoors. During the day I try to work outside for an hour every now and then. The fresh air is good and Rascal just loves it. 

Okay back to Friday afternoons! First off! This post has a new video, did ya see it?! You can watch it just below! Sabrina (one of my best friends since we were like 14!) and Rascal are featured in this video. Having them by my side made the video feel so authentic! This is an absolute reality and what Friday afternoons look like around my house. Enjoy 🙂 


On to cheeseboarding! It’s no secret that I am a mega Trader Joes lover! I recently wrote an article for Real Simple Magazine declaring my favorite 11 items! This post is in no way sponsored by Trader Joes… I don’t have a contact there, but if you’re reading this (trader joes marketing team) know that your girl loves some TJ’s! 

In my opinion, it is one of THE BEST grocery stores.

Trader Joe’s is a whole foods quality grocery store with an Aldi Budget. It might sound weird but my favorite part is that it’s so small. I don’t have to spend hours wandering the isles sifting through hundreds of the same product. They usually have 2-3 quality options (and well priced!) of what you’re looking for and you know you will get a great product! 

I wanted this whole cheeseboard concept to feel really easy! I know everyone can pick up some cheese anywhere, but you can seriously be in and out of Trader Joe’s in ten minutes and you’ve got great stuff to make an easy cheeseboard! I’m one of those people that can just NEVER say no to having people over. I take any chance I can to have a little gathering even it it’s just for light bites and a few cocktails. 

So what the heck do I buy!?

I’m breaking it down in layers for you but just know EVERYTHING is totally interchangeable. You can get whatever flavors you love most. To me these are just the basics. The second picture in the post highlights the actual products so you can get a visual of everything! 

1st Layer- Board!
Get yourself a really good cheeseboard. I really need to write a ‘kitchen basics’ post because this would be like top 3 at least!

2nd Layer- Bowls!
Add in a few really cute bowls for liquid or vinegar based items that you wouldn’t want to expose the rest of the board with. I use mind for olives, honey, and anything pickled. 

3rd Layer- Cheese and Fruits!
These are your bigger items that take up more space. Lay them down first. I love using three totally different kinds of cheeses! My go to’s are brie, cheddar and something funky like stilton or blue cheese!

4th Layer- Crackers and Carbs!
My favorites are trader joe’s small pretzel rolls sliced up and the fig and olive crisps! You can use fresh baquette, whole grain crackers, whatever you like!

5th Layer- Salt!
This includes things like meats (prosciutto and salami are my fav’s!) and nuts! Trader Joes makes some really delicious herbed marcona almonds that usually make an appearance on my cheeseboards!

6th Layer- Sweet!
Think honey, honey comb, dark chocolate and dried fruits! My favorites are chewy dried apricots! 

7th Layer- Garnish!
Stick to something really simple! I usually just throw on some fresh herbs or flowers and it can make your board look super pretty and pop! It will take your whole board from simple appetizer to a totally instagramable creation!

Don’t forget plenty of wine and some fun cheese knives! 


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  1. March 23, 2018 / 7:41 pm

    Beautiful and yummy board! Enjoyed the video and blog post!

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