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The Sunday Slate: Vol. 6

Happy Sunday and Happy Easter! 

Happy Sunday!

I hope you guys had a lovely weekend and if you celebrate Easter I hope it was a fantastic holiday! The first part of this week was spent doing a ton of shoots (excited for some fun lifestyle things coming up!) and lots of computer work. I did spend a fair share of the back half of the week cleaning our house and getting ready for Easter. We we’re in need of a major spring cleaning so it feels really nice to know the house is clean from head to toe! We even were able to dedicate some time to the backyard. We cleaned all the patio furniture and set up corn hole and giant jenga. On Saturday we had a small group of friends over for drinks and corn hole. It felt so ‘right’ and got me WAY excited for summer. There is something so relaxing and homey about setting up a bunch of fun old school games. 

Today, we rounded out the weekend with my family over for Easter dinner. I’m chatting all about my menu details below but all and all it was a great day! I am currently cozied up on my couch and my whole body is SO tired. It can be so exhausting making a big dinner for your family. I know I am going to sleep like an absolute rock tonight. Now, before I get too sleepy on you I hope you enjoy this week’s Sunday Slate! I will be back this week for a few new spring time recipes and a post in a greenery ๐Ÿ™‚ 

1. The Inspired Home Posts I contributed this week! 
Spring Pastel Tablescape! 

DIY Bagel and Lox Bar

2. What I made for Easter Dinner…

This year Jared and I hosted Easter dinner at our house! My parents, my parent’s dogs and a set of grandparents came over for a total of six of us. It was our first big holiday/gathering that we had since we moved. We had an Easter dinner in the backyard. I was so happy that the weather turned out to be a little on the colder side. We spent the first half of the evening playing corn hole in the backyard and having allllll the deviled eggs. It really was such a nice day. I’m pretty pooped but I’m happy we pulled it off. A few things that made it onto our menu (I tried out some new dishes!)

Classic Deviled Eggs
White Bean and Basil Dip Crudite
Lox and Bagels
Garlic Butter Green Beans
BBQ Baked Beans
Smoked Gouda Scalloped Potatoes
Apple Broccoli Salad
Sliced Ham & Lamb

3. Backyard Herb Planter Project! 
Last weekend we built (and by we, I mean Jared) a small herb planter for the backyard! I have been wanting a little herb garden for as long as I can remember so this was a huge check mark on my house to-do list. We have 10 different little herbs growing inside of the 4ft planter. I posted a few photos of the planter on Instagram and everyone seemed to really like it so I think we are going to do a dedicated blog post showing how to build your own ๐Ÿ™‚ Stay tuned! 

4.  New Video! Tequila Lime Pie! 


5. Do you love Trader Joe’s?! 
These days Trader Joe’s is one of our most frequented grocery stores. Not only is their product quality amazing, it’s a smaller store so I am in and out with great things usually under 30 minutes. I make 4-5 trips to the grocery store every week so anything that can help cut down on my time actually spent shopping is a win for me. I recently wrote an Article with Real Simple Magazine on my 11 favorite products that I never leave without!

Catch the article here!


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