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Spring Bucket List

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Happy March!

I grew up a California kid so the thought of actual seasons wasn’t really a concept until I moved to Colorado to finish out my undergrad. Now that we are back in sunny Orange County I can go back thinking that the start of March meant ‘Spring’. I am real excited to swap out my sweaters and jeans for sundresses. ‘Warmer’ seasons are my all time favorite and I really think I thrive in them more than winter and fall. I’m all about being cozy but it’s so nice to be comfortable in just a light linen number.  

Today’s post I am chatting all about what we have planned for the Spring season. A sort of ‘bucket list’ if you will! I always loved making these for each season and I love when other bloggers post them so I thought I would give it a go! Today we’re going to dive into what I’m loving and hoping to do for the spring season. 

Call me Farmer Elizabeth:
Ha! Not really… Buuuuut I do want to plant a few epic upright gardens. We FINALLY have a decent backyard (something I have always wanted) and I can’t wait to jazz it up with flowers, herbs and maybe even a few tomato plants. I’m dreaming really big with the tomato plants. I don’t have the best green thumb but it’s getting better. I use fresh herbs so regularly and I’m tired of buying theme every time I need a little sprig here and there. The owner of our house has been so great with us (see our rental kitchen progress) and lets me make most of the cosmetic changes that I want to. All you have to do is ask people! 

Stamp my passport: 
Ever since we got back from Italy in September, I have been CRAVING another international trip. I’m heading to Chicago next week for the International Housewares Expo but may nothing beats getting your passport stamped and hearing another language for a few days. International trips really fuel my creativity levels. I always come back with a bunch of recipes I want to try and recreate and fun home treasures to spruce up our house with. Not too mention it is such a great highlight in the instagram feed and spices things up! France has been on the top of my kayak search lately. If you know any great trips that are pretty easy and great in the springtime, tell me tell me tell me! 

Drop some Lb’s
Okay… on to the fitness category, because you know there had to be one 😉 I talked a little bit about my ‘fitness journey’ (I always feel silly saying that) in my new years intentions post and I suppose this is an update and a bucket list item. Since the new year, I have been absolutely exercising regularly and my diet has cleaned up quite a bit. I have even gone through not one, but TWO tubs of protein since the new year. For some reason that always feels like a sign of doing something right. Jared joined a new gym a few weeks ago that is class-based and he has been loving it. I’m really so proud of him. The only bummer is he has been waking up at 5:30 AM to go to his class and when you live together that means you’re also waking up lolz. It is a blessing in disguise I suppose. Needless to say, I went to 5 exercise classes last week! I even braved enough courage to do a 3D body scan which tells you how much you weight, your body fat, muscle mass, etc. It hurts to say but I was so afraid to weigh myself that I hadn’t done it for like 18 months, until last week! I’m about 10lbs over what I ‘usually’ am and 25% body fat. I can’t believe I just told you guys that, #yolo. BUT I’m hoping this will hold me accountable! I’m going to tone it up and hopefully in a few months get rid of that 10lbs of corporate life hanging on me, literally. 

Take a little road trip: 
When we moved to California last year we pretty much spent the first year just ‘adjusting’. Adjusting to living together, working full time jobs and not too mention getting Rascal. For the most part weekends were spent catching up on laundry, sleep, groceries, etc. Now that we have more of a handle on ‘life’ I would love to go on some more smaller weekend trips. California is filled with some great coastal areas that are only a few months away. I am determined to get Jared to like California (it’s been a hard adjustment from Colorado) a little bit more and show him the beauty and get out of the traffic! Ojai and Solvang are high up on the list! 

Finish my food styling guide: 
I talked about starting a food styling guide on instagram and in this post last month. This is still totally going to happen and I plan on finishing early this spring! It’s a guide filled with styling tips and tricks to make your photos composed and detailed! I share all of my fun props that I incorporate to tell each photos story. This is a huge question that I get DM’ed about on the regular and I would really love to formally address it. Keep posted, it’s coming!!

Have a big patio dinner party: 
Pretty much my reason for everything. I live for a good dinner party. The last two months I have had a get together with my girlfriends and it has been the BEST. I’m hoping to carry on this tradition and spring is the perfect time to do it! California gets insanely hot in the summer and it can be difficult to be outside for long periods of time so I’m reserving the spring months for a few outdoor dinner parties. That moment when everyone is buzzed after dinner and sitting under the twinkling lights laughing is my FAVORITE. There really is no better way to use your home. After I get back from Chicago next weekend I am going full force on the patio to get it looking reeeeal good. 


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  1. April 16, 2018 / 10:57 pm

    That black dress with pockets (!!) is just super! Can I ask where you got it? Thanks!

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