Italian Melon and Mozerella Cheeseboard

If you’re craving a summer vacation to Italy and the like I think this Italian Melon and Mozzarella cheeseboard will help soothe the staycation blues. This easy Italian style cheeseboard is filled with burrata, mozzarella balls, sweet yellow tuscan melon, cantaloup,  prosciutto, cherries and crackers! This summer snackboard is perfect for appetizers at parties or before an easy Italian dinner at home!

Hello! Happy Tuesday!

If this wasn’t the weirdest week ever, I don’t know what was. I feel like I am finally coming out of the other end of 4th of July week. Between the weird middle of the week day off, staying up super late watching movies and eating alllllll of the bbq, margaritas and cookies I have finally found a little normalcy. We are also in record breaking temperatures here in southern California but I won’t bore you with weather talk.

Work has been pretty cray the last few weeks. Tons of posts going on for The Inspired Home, a mojito bar video that we filmed with my most favorite cinematographer and another filming day this Saturday! I wish you could see what a crazy person I am on those filming weeks. I have the highest unwashed bun of hair, my clothes are mis matched and I’m at the grocery store like twice a day, at least. It feels like an at home food network production except Abbie and I are a two woman team putting it all together. I got the first cut of the mojito video and I have to say, we did good. Producing a high quality video has pushed my limits and my bank account as a creator. So I hope you like it, okay?! Okay!

On a personal life note Jared and I started a Marvel movie marathon. In short, we went and saw that Infinity War movie and I was super into it but also insanely confused. Sooooo we made a note list in Jared’s phone of all the Marvel movies because apparently you HAVE to watch them in order. I think we’ve gotten through close to ten of them which I’m pretty proud of. I nodded off during the middle of The Avengers but other than that I’m good! I think Iron Man is probably my favorite movie but Captain America is pretty bad ass. He’s got this Edward Cullen thing going on without all of the weird vampire voo doo. 

I should probably tell you about this insane Italian cheeseboard situation we’ve got going on today. Basically I am like in dire need of a vacation and our trip to Italy last year REALLY spoiled me. Jared and I went to Italy for like 9 days last September. Half of the time we frolicked on our own around Milan, Venice and Verona and the other half was spent eating pasta with the beautiful team of Giovanna Rana Pasta. Basically, we were spoiled AF and miss it SO much. I’m struggling this summer and wishing we had a trip planned at the end of the season. We’re going to the Texas State Fair in October for visit Jared’s brother but the Texas charm doesn’t quite match up to the Italian dream. 

Soooo I’m reminiscing and made this epic Italian style cheeseboard. It came out quite pretty if I do say so myself and made me feel like we were sitting at our hotel sipping aperol spritz’s and waiting to go out for yet another dinner filled with pizza and pasta. I think I need to go look at flights on Kayak now considering I’m torturing myself just writing this blog post…. 

There isn’t a HUGE recipe formula for this cheeseboard but I will list everything that we used below! You basically just need a really pretty, big wooden serving board and a trip down the cheese isle at your grocery store! The focal point was a huge ball of burata opened up into a bowl and drizzled with olive oil and fresh basil. Everything else like the mozzarella balls, prosciutto and fresh fruit is totally up to you! Serving the prosciutto around a melon slice always feels VERY Italian to me, so you should include those! 

Last, but not least! You’ve gotta get yourself some prosecco and Aperol to make a spritz! No Italian happy hour is complete without a spritz

Italian Melon and Mozzarella Cheeseboard

1 Ball of Burrata cheese
Olive oil
Fresh basil leaves
Mozzarella balls
Peach slices
Tuscan melon slices
Cantaloupe slices
Honeydew slices
Marcona almonds

In a small bowl break open your burrata ball of cheese. Drizzle cheese with olive oil, fresh basil and freshly cracked black pepper. Arrange the rest of the ingredients evenly through out your cheeseboard. Serve with Aperol Spritz’s for the ultimate Italian happy hour. 


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