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Smeaches! White Chocolate Smores with Grilled Peaches

SMEACHES! S’mores + Peaches! Graham crackers stuffed with smokey-sweet grilled peaches, melted white chocolate, and toasted marshmallows! I can’t remember a 4th of July where we didn’t break out some s’mores for dessert! You can easily assemble all of the s’mores ingredients on a tray for an easy DIY s’mores bar dessert table!

Two hands with a stack of three Smeaches with grilled peaches, toasted marshmallows, white chocolate, and graham crackers

Why is a s’more called a s’more??  I actually have no idea. But I do know that it was a recipe invented for “some mores.”  But let me ask you this…have you ever had smeaches?!

I’ll be honest and tell you that this was the first time I ever had them. My design editor extraordinaire, Abagail, came up with a bunch of recipe inspiration for June and forced me to include these into this summers content calendar! The ingredients for smeaches sounded pretty epic and I’m never one to turn down a dessert with fresh peaches, so of course I said yes!

Overhead of prepped marshmallows, peaches, white chocolate, and graham crackers with metal skewers

Overhead of prepped ingredients for Smeaches with graham crackers, white chocolate, grilled peaches, and toasted marshmallows

Making s’mores at home is one of my favorite summer desserts! When Jared and I worked at a summer camp in Pennsylvania for three summers, we would have s’mores practically every week for two months. The campers loved it and it meant we always got a relaxing night by the fire. To this day, whenever I have a s’mores, I feel like I’m back at camp. We now spend summers being mostly adults, but I’ll never forget running around as a counselor, but feeling just like a camper myself. I was really craving a bite of nostalgia this week and I knew that these white chocolate s’mores with toasted marshmallows and grilled peaches would hit the spot.

If I’m being totally honest, the regular kind of smores (dark chocolate, marshmallows, graham cracker) gives me a bit of a sugar high. They are just so SWEET. S’mores are typically made with Hershey’s chocolate because they practically throw the bars at you this time of year at the grocery store. I would have to have a MEGA chocolate craving to eat just a square of Hershey’s chocolate. It tastes like pure sugar to me. So we swapped in a melted white chocolate for the smeaches! The only other difference is the marinated peach chunks. We marinated the peaches in a simple brown sugar/cinnamon mixture on the counter for a few minutes before grilling them up. The peach helps cut out the pure sugar taste of the s’mores.

I love developing recipes around a classic dish and giving it a seasonal and personal twist!

Two Smeaches on a serving platter with grilled peaches, white chocolate, toasted marshmallows, and graham crackers

Two hands holding one Smeaches with grilled peaches, white chocolate, toasted marshmallows, and graham crackers

The Right Way to Slice a Peach

Did you ever slice a peach and waste half of the fruit because you couldn’t figure out how to slice around the pit?  Well, I have many times until I learned the correct way to cut a peach. Peaches are part of the stone fruit family, fruits with a large ‘stone’ or pit in the center.  (Other examples include nectarines, plums, cherries, and mangoes.) And I used to find it so hard to get cut around it! The struggle is real! But then I learned there are two important factors to get all that juicy peach flesh.  One, make sure your peach is ripe. I mean, really ripe! You’ll know with a gentle, but firm squeeze! If there is a little bit of give, you are ready to go! Two, find the natural indent in the peach (the little divot at the top), start at the stem, cut the peach in half, and gently TWIST!  The peach should pull right off of the pit.

Peaches + Brown Sugar = Macerated Fruit

What does it mean to macerate fruit?  Basically, it’s just the process of soaking fruit in liquid to soften it and add sweetness.  When we sprinkle the peach slices with brown sugar, this is the same process. The brown sugar actually helps the peaches release their natural juices so that they are more flavorful and tender, making them easier to grill over a hot flame.

How to Toast Marshmallows

There are usually one of three questions that come along with this.  Is it best to make s’mores over a hot grill? Can you toast marshmallows over a gas stove?  Can you make s’mores in a fireplace? And the answer, yes, yes, and yes! It is really all about your preference or what is easiest for you.  I really like to toast my marshmallows over a fresh fire we make outside in the backyard. It brings a sense of nostalgia back.

But if Jared and I are feeling lazy, and we really want the campfire feel of S’meaches, we make them over a hot grill outdoors, since that is the best way to cook the peaches too!  It gives us some time outside during the summer months. But if you want to make these s’meaches any time of year, set a grill pan over a gas stove to grill your peaches and simply toast your marshmallows directly over the gas stove until your desired charness!  Or place the marshmallows on a wooden skewer and char directly over a fireplace during the colder months! They will still be just as delectable and delicious!

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Smeaches! White Chocolate Smores with Grilled Peaches

  • Author: Elizabeth Van Lierde
  • Prep Time: 30min
  • Cook Time: 5min
  • Total Time: 35min
  • Yield: 8 1x
  • Category: Desserts


SMEACHES! S’mores + Peaches! Graham crackers stuffed with smokey-sweet grilled peaches, melted white chocolate, and toasted marshmallows!



23 Peaches, sliced thick

1/2 cup of Brown Sugar

1 teaspoon Cinnamon

8 Whole Graham Crackers, halved

16 Large Marshmallows

32 Small White Chocolate Squares, to fit on graham cracker


  1. In a large bowl, mix together peach slices, brown sugar, and cinnamon. Let mixture sit for 20-30 minutes to release peach juices.
  2. Grill peach slices on a skewer over open fire or on a hot, outdoor/indoor grill for 1-2 minutes on each side.
  3. Toast marshmallows.
  4. Combine graham cracker, white chocolate, peach slices, and toasted marshmallows into a sandwich. (Pretty sure if you’re American you totally have this concept down, but I have to put it in, okay?!)

Two hands holding a stack of three Smeaches with grilled peaches, white chocolate, toasted marshmallows, and graham crackers

Don’t forget to pin this for your next summer party! 

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