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The Sunday Slate: Vol. 10

This post is in partnership with Cost Plus World Market! All opinions shared are my own. 

1. This week on The Inspired Home

Writing for The Inspired Home is always such a fun and different platform for me! The bad ass lady editors of their online production are always giving me such amazing creative freedom for fun food and lifestyle projects! This weeks posts were a lemon and herb salmon skewer recipe and a beer shandy bar that is perfect for summer!

2. Mediterranean Meal Prep with Cost Plus World Market!
Have you ever meal prepped before? Meal prepping with healthy foods and lunch containers is something I am somewhat familiar with. I’ll be honest, the thought of having to prepare a bunch of meals on Sunday night can sound a little time consuming. But when I came across these meal prep lunch containers I was instantly inspired, and I hope that you will be too. Meal prepping is a great way to start your week and fill each meal with something healthy. Plus, you’ll save money every week too!

Check out the full post on Cost Plus World Market’s Discover Blog! 

Shop this post here! 

3. La Croix VS. Spindrift… whats your favorite?!
Considering sparkling water seems to be the drink of the decade I figure it was high time we chatted about it. I feel like La Croix has turned into what Tab was in the 80’s. I wasn’t around in the 80’s but if you have seen any 80’s movies you know Tab was practically a supporting character. I really GET the whole sparkling water movement and I’m totally behind it, however I think it lacks a little magic. That is until I tried spindrift. This is in no way sponsored, I promise! For the last few months I was buying cases of La Croix at Costco practically begging myself to start liking it but I just couldn’t. I tried it with vodka, on ice, with a lime wedge and NOTHING made it taste better. I just kept thinking it tasted like I took a big bite of some fruit and burped into this can of sparkling water. Blech. 

So last month I bough Spindrift instead and I’m never going back. Spindrift is so much fruiter and has an actual taste, not just some weird essence of fruit flavor. If you’re on the fence and in need of a great low calorie drink that isn’t just water, give it a try! I don’t think you will be disappointed. 

4. Spontaneous trip to Las Vegas
In typical fashion, Friday night around here can look like anything from dinner at our favorite local restaurant or takeout and a marvel movie. Maaybe once or twice a month we will have a dinner party and invite out friends over for a little backyard gathering. BUT! Last friday, we went to VEGAS! Who are we?! I felt like a crazy newly, newly fresh 21 year old but it was great. We were also in our hotel room and asleep by 11 but it’s fine #whenthemarghits. Jared and I were both working super hard and decided we needed a little fun. The night before we booked a last minute stay at The Venetian. We dropped Rascal off at my parents house the next day and we were off! I could honestly just sit at the pool for 12 hours a day but we did other fun things too. We went to Buddy V’s for dinner (Jared’s favorite) and I finally got to try Milk Bar! I am so happy we decided to go and I am hoping for another spontaneous trip before the summer ends. 

5. Recent Beach Shoot with Alpha Foods
Last week Abbie (my insanely talented assistant) and myself packed up my jeep with TONS of beach picnic gear and headed to little Corona Del Mar for a photoshoot with Alpha Foods. These types of photoshoots are really special to me. They are days of content creation that have nothing to do with my personal brand but make me feel like a bad ass set stylist director that I alway saw myself as. In high school I had dreams of styling sets for magazines and I think photoshoots like this really feel like I am achieving that. On these types of photoshoots we brainstorm a set, highlight the brands needs and produce the actual shoot. I did a whole post here with Purely Elizabeth on the in’s and outs of directing a big photoshoot. These two photos are highlights from the beach shoot! 

6. Can you pass the pepto bismol? Our quick trip to the OC fair…
Last weekend we took my mom to the OC fair for her birthday and man it was… a lot. My body was not ready for what was about to happen to it. I honestly felt like I didn’t eat THAT much but with the heat and walking around it was quite an affair. We did have a GREAT time, just brace yourself and stay hydrated. Going to a carnival with my parents felt quite nostalgic but I was loving every second of it. What I ate: A greek chicken kabob with tzatziki, a few bites of Jared’s pineapple chicken teriyaki, a few of my Dad’s french fries, a vegetarian corn dog, a handful of kettle corn, a few bites of shaved ice and a big fat chocolate dipped cone with alllll the rainbow sprinkles. My body is still paying for it but YOLO. 



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