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Grilled Mexican Street Corn Elotes

This post was sponsored by Alpha Foods, all opinions expressed are my own!

Grilled Mexican Street Corn Elotes! These grilled corn on the cob ears are covered in Mexican crema, freshly copped cilantro, cotija cheese and chili powder! This California classic is perfect for summer BBQ’s and vegetarian friendly! 

Hiya! I cannot believe that it is already August! So crazy! I was in Target the other day grabbing shampoo and conditioner (and like ten other things I didn’t need) and noticed that they swapped out the patio section for the school supplies section. It was like that moment when you notice the Halloween candy up in August. I was a little sad but it was NOT going to keep me from thriving in the backyard. In California we are lucky to have summer weather well into October so I am determined to give my little portable grill as many uses as possible! 

This weekend we were incredibly tied up with crazy garage shenanigans and a trip to Eataly! Cleaning out your garage was a love/hate affair. It was fantastic to have our garage back and organized but it took an insane amount of grueling work. We were not prepared but we powered through! The next day we treated ourselves to a trip to Eataly in LA! Jared and I have been wanting to go to Eatly since it opened but it has been insanely crowded and it’s quite a drive for us from Orange County. We finally made it up and met a few friends for pizza and aperol spritz. We sat on the rooftop and ran up quite the bar tab but it was insanely worth it! 

The last two weekends have been a little nutty (did you read about our spontaneous trip to Vegas?!) So this weekend I am determined to keep the backyard parties running!

This Saturday we are having our first ever outdoor movie night! We got a projector for Christmas and the white block wall in our backyard is peeeerfect for movies! This is a party I have been wanting to have all summer so I am thrilled. We are filming the whole thing so stay tuned for the final video 🙂 It’s going to be a good one!

On Sunday I plan on chilling out in the backyard all afternoon with some close girlfriends! Whenever I have my two best friends over for dinner I alway have to reinvent my menu a little bit! They are both vegetarians but love hearty and delicious food. So up on my easy vegetarian friendly bbq menu is bbq baked beans, fresh watermelon slices, Alpha Foods Plant Based Mexicali Burritos, and these new Grilled Mexican Street Corn Elotes! 

These Mexican street corn elotes are such a staple here in Southern California! If you go to Dodger Stadium or any type of fair you will totally find these! The premise is a grilled corn ear that is charred to perfection and topped with a variety of toppings. The classic way show here is a creamy sauce drizzled on top, a sprinkle of chili powder, cotija cheese crumbles and freshly chopped cilantro! Recently, we went to dodger stadium and their elotes are dusted in hot cheeto crumbles, crazy! Grilled mexican street corn elotes are one of those classic side dishes that have been totally reinvented in this region. I love them because they are perfect as a vegetarian menu edition but still super built up with summer flavor! For another veggie option I always break out an easy protein rich Alpha Based burrito! They’re perfect for summer bbq’s because you can heat them up right on the grill! When we grill around here we try to grill everything we possibly can so there is less of a mess at the end of the night! 

If you’re in need of a great veggie option for bbq’s or looking to make this California classic, scroll down for the full recipe! 

Grilled Mexican Street Corn Elotes

6-8 Fresh ears of corn on the cob, husked and tied at the top
Vegetable oil or canola for brushing
1/2 Cup of mayonnaise or Mexican crema
1 Cup of cotija cheese, crumbled
1/2 Cup of fresh cilantro
Chili powder
1/2 Lime

Brush corn on the cobs with a thin and even layer of canola or vegetable oil. Grill corn on the cobs on a gas or charcoal grill for 10-15 minutes. Be sure to flip the corn every few minutes or so, so that all sides are evenly charred. Remove corn from grill and onto a serving platter. Drizzle corn ears with an even layer of lime juice, mayonnaise/crema, cotija cheese, cilantro and a light sprinkle of chili powder.  I prefer to drizzle all of the toppings onto the corn but you can also serve them in small bowls so people can self serve their corn toppings.

*Note: To make these vegan friendly you can swap out the crema for veganaise and the cotija cheese for nutritional yeast!

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