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The Sunday Slate: Vol. 11

This week was one of those ‘crazy work 60+ hours’ weeks. Before I went full throttle into the entrepreneur world I read tons of articles on what it was like to ‘work for yourself’ and they all said similar things. Trends that I found were, working longer than you would at a corporate job (60+ hours this week), you’ll spend most of the exciting moments by yourself (finding out about my Saveur Mag Best Entertaining Blog Nomination!) and basically working harder than you ever had before. 

I am in a phase in my life, and this year especially where I have an extraordinarily hard time turning down opportunities. I have made more money this year than any other in my life but I have also worked three times as hard than any other job I’ve had. The struggle and hustle is real my friends, but it’s SO worth it. This week started out with a mega shoot day and Thursday and Friday were dedicated to an event styling project that I took on (see below!). Which means this weekend we did pretty much NOTHING. I’ve talked about ‘recharging’ before but I can’t tell you how important it really is to a creative career. After a very slow Saturday and Sunday I think I’m ready to tackle on this week! 

1. Event Design Work

The last two weeks I took on a couple event design projects for my old corporate job. I used to work at a private social club in downtown Los Angeles and every now and then they call me back in to style some of their more editorial/special events. It makes me feel really good that I still have a relationship with my old employer. I really value the experience that I gained during my year of full time corporate life. Sometimes I miss doing event design so it’s always a nice change of pace and shakes up my everyday week. We styled this dinner table for the club’s Woman’s Group. The vibe and theme given was feminine, boho, and elegant. 

2. My english guest for the week!

If you didn’t know I spent 3 summers working at a summer camp in Pennsylvania from ages 19-22. I met some amazing life long friends from all over the globe. They bring in other counselors from other countries to bring in some mega diversity for this sleep away camp. These were hands down the best summers of my life and also where I met Jared. 

One of my British friends, Amy, came out to visit us for a week! She went and worked at camp for a few weeks this summer and then went traveling afterwards. She was one of my friends from the first year at camp and we have kept in touch since. Amy was by far one of my favorite house guests. She was so self sufficient during a hell week of work and Rascal was practically in love with her. She also stepped in for a ‘spa day at home photoshoot’.

Best of luck on the rest of your travels, Amy! And come back any time! 

3. Succulent party inspo!

One of my girlfriends gave me the cutest idea to throw a succulent planting party! I have been obsessed with the idea ever since and saved some images for a mood board. I’m thinking this might have to be my first party for that transition time of summer and fall. 

4. Our first trip to the Hollywood Bowl

You wanna know what is really hard as an adult?! Making other adult friends. I probably sound like a crazy person but it really is. You get into this very mindless routine every week and you do the same things over and over again. Plus, putting yourself out there is hard enough as a single person but I feel like it’s even harder to put yourself out in the world to make friends. This is one of those topics that I should write a whole post about because I could go real in depth about it all.

Basically, I invited Jackie and Sierra (the two girls in this photo) over for dinner at my house one night and I felt like I hit the jackpot. They were the nicest, most realist girls ever. They work together on their own social media agency and are so talented and a joy to be around. I can’t say enough about these two! They invited us out to The Hollywood Bowl last week and luckily Jared ended up bonding with their boyfriends just as much as I did. 

5. Recent posts around the globe!

This week on The Inspired Home I’ve got a new recipe up for cherry peach panzanella salad, don’t miss it! 

7. Dining Room Makeover ideas

I have been itching to give our little dining room some more character and a mini makeover. I chatted a little bit our plans in my kitchen makeover post but I’m ready to go full throttle now. We are partnering with Quadro Style Removable tile and I am SO excited to install it in our little rental kitchen. 


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  1. August 28, 2018 / 10:41 am

    I totally feel you on making friends as an adult. I would be so interested in reading your post about it, if you ever did one. 😉 I love reading your blog and just wanted to say hi. Congrats on your nomination!

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