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Sheet Pan New England Style Clambake

An authentic new England style clambake, sheet pan style! This easy sheet pan dinner is loaded with authentic clambake flavors! I love the ease and convenience of this dinner that is elegant enough for a dinner party and easy enough for weeknight dinner! The recipe is loaded with lobster tails, corn cobs, red potatoes, shrimp, clams and adouille sausage all tossed in plenty of butter and old bay seasoning!

This has been a weird week guys. Tuesday felt like Monday and Wednesday felt like Tuesday and now it’s Thursday and my mind actually things it’s Friday. Tough I know…We did have an amazingly long labor day weekend that I am oh so grateful for it.

This week has been a bit chaotic. I booked three different trips in one day! Which means an an entrepreneur you have to get yourself WAY ahead or you will fall way behind. Okay let’s talk about trips! I’m so excited! I haven’t done a whole lot of traveling this summer and usually I take a trip or two. Basically, this last week I was feeling some travel remorse and realized I needed to have a little fun before the year was over, it’s coming up quick okay?!

Next week- A quick trip to Pennsylvania with my dad and grandpa! We have a family cabin in the pocono mountains and I haven’t been the last few summers and I was determined to go! I managed to sneak in a long weekend and I am so happy I booked it!

The week after that- I am going straight from Pennsylvania to Denver for a photoshoot with Purely Elizabeth! We do quarterly photoshoots for two days at a time. This will be for their fall shoot! 

Two weeks later– Texas state fair! With Jared’s family for the weekend!

Two weeks after that (end of October)PAAAAARIS!! YASSSS!! Oh my goodness I am just so so so thrilled! My ‘creative assistant’ aka my friend since I was 12 and trusty work partner and I are headed to Paris for some good old fashion fun. We had been trying to fit this in eveeeerywhere this year and the timing just wasn’t right. I went on Kayak on Tuesday and flights were like $450, I just couldn’t say no. Cheers to spontaneous booking! 

Looking ahead to November… The Saveur Blog Award show in Tennessee! Have you voted today yet?!! I’m still over the moon about being nominated for best entertaining blog! 

So we’ve got a busy few weeks around here trying to get ahead. So far so good! Fingers crossed for us!

While I couldn’t be more thrilled for my plans for Fall, I am still holding onto summer for another week or two.

To celebrate my east coast adventure, I wanted to make something that East Coast is known for…. CLAMBAKE! 

This may sound a little socially unacceptable, but, I think it is totally fine to rock the summer recipe game through September. Truth to be told, California is still HOT well into October so I haven’t brought out my soup pots and pumpkin spice juuuuust yet, but I’m getting there! I’ve always been one to ease into anything, including seasons. Summer is also my favorite season of the year so I always have a hard time letting it go. 

We had so many good parties and memories this summer that I will be sad to see leave. We are having one final hurrah on Saturday and then I think I will have officially closed Summer entertaining season. Sad, I know. I feel like I’m closing the pool for the winter.

 My house is pretty teeny tiny so I think my entertaining game might be a little lighter through winter but I’ll be sure to bring some great small space entertaining ideas (I’ve got a great bar cart essentials video coming!) and tooooons of cozy recipes! Hello cozy stovetop green chili mac! I don’t know about you guys but we kind of hibernate more in the winter and don’t do as many ‘social’ things. We’re not weird I promise, I just really hate going out into the cold. Luckily, this sheet pan recipe is great for anytime of the year even thought it has a ‘summer vibe’.

I think new-ish cooks probably find seafood a little bit intimidating. I had Abbie over this day helping me cook and she was a little hesitant to get her hands dirty with crustaceans. This easy sheet pan new England style clambake is so perfect for people wanting to dip their toes into new sea food dishes. 

I have dreams about having an epic clambake party (can you picture the table omgaaah?!) but I had just as much fun with this dish! You will have delicious authentic clambake in less than a half an hour. This is an oven baked dish so while clambake does pack summer flavors it’s great for end of summer/fall because the temps are finally starting to cool down and the thought of turning our ovens on isn’t as daunting. 

The whole recipe comes together in two easy steps. Gotta love sheet pan dinners for their convenience! The mini red potatoes and corn will take you a bit longer to bake so I like to par boil them just for 8 minutes or so to start their cooking. This way everything is finished at the same time! After your corn and potatoes have boiled you are ready to assemble!

I used the biggest bowl I had in my house and slathered all of the ingredients with melted butter and old bay seasoning. Simple and effective. This is enough for two full sheet pans so it’s a great dinner option if you need to feed a crowd! After everything bakes for 16-18 minutes your lobster will be bright red, clams open and everything will be begging for one last squeeze of lemon juice. Serve on sheet pans for an authentic clambake feel or in pasta bowls over rice for something a little more formal. Be sure to have plenty of melted butter, lemon wedges and parsley to pass around the table!

Sheet Pan New England Style Clambake

2 Sticks of unsalted butter, melted
4 Tablespoons of old bay seasoning
4 Garlic cloves, minced
2 Shallots, quartered
3 Corn on the cobbs, cut into chunks
1 Lb of baby red potatoes, halved
1 Lb of clams
3 Lobster tails (optional) 
1 Pound of shrimp, peeled and deveined
4 Andouille chicken sausages, cut into 1/4’s
Lemon Wedges
Melted Butter + chopped parsley for serving
Baquette or french bread, sliced

Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Add in halved potatoes and corn on the cob chunks. Boil for 8 minutes and strain. In an small bowl whisk together melted butter, minced garlic and old bay seasoning. 

Preheat oven to 425 F

In an extra large bowl toss together shallots, corn, cobbs, red potatoes, clams, lobster tails, shrimp, sausage with butter/old bay mixture until all pieces are coated with seasoning. Spread batch onto two large sheet pans into an even layer. Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste and bake for 16-20 minutes or until the shrimp is pink and the clams have opened. Serve with fresh lemon wedges, melted butter, a sprinkle of fresh parsley and fresh bread. 


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