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5 Tips for a Stress Free Brunch

Summer brunch is one of my favorite ways to start the weekend!

Taking 30 minutes to plan out your brunch agenda will ensure for an easy, stress-free brunch that will include more mimosas for you and less time with an apron on. If you’re throwing a bachelorette brunch, bridal brunch or even a baby shower brunch, scroll down to read these five tips for a stress free brunch. 

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Holding a stainless steel french press and a pink bowl of fruit salad.
Plan your menu: 

Without a doubt, the moment after you invite your guests over you should sit down and plan your menu. This doesn’t mean brunch needs to be formal or fussy (far from it actually!). I just want you to be prepared as possible so you’re sipping on mimosas when people come in and not scrambling in the kitchen, literally. 

Keep the menu balanced with a variety of sweet and savory. I usually like to stick with this ratio of dishes…

Egg: No brunch is complete without an egg dish. I usually opt for a simple frittata or a quiche. 
Savory: Think hashbrown casserole, roasted potatoes, or even a breakfast pizza for something funky. 
Sweet: This would be your pancakes, french toast, scones, etc (my favorite part!)
Light: I like to sneak one lighter dish in for balance. A simple fruit or green salad works great. 
A slice of frittata in a red cast iron enamel pan.

A brunch spread with a bowl of scones, coffee, orange juice and fruit salad.

Coffee and Mimosas are key:

I love setting up a small area dedicated just for mimosas and coffee. Two essentials that make ‘brunch’. brunch instead of just breakfast. 

Mimosas: My brunch go-to is stocking up on champagne or prosecco from Trader Joes and pouring in 1-2 juices into carafes for guests to choose from. If you’re feeling really fancy leave out some fresh berries to use as garnish. 

Coffee: There is something about a hot cup of joe that makes any morning feel cozy and calm. When I’m entertaining outside I love using my Frieling stainless steel french press. This tough french press won’t ever break or chip and retains heat four times as long with its double wall insulation.

This works out great for parties because I can set the coffee out and know it will stay hot and fresh for everyone no matter what time they arrive. I’m super picky about my french presses, I hate it when I get bits of coffee in my cup. This Frieling french press is my fav because it has a 2-stage filtration system which means I’ll never, ever get any coffee grounds in my coffee. 
Coffee being poured out of a stainless steel french press into a white mug.Orange juice being poured into a coupe glass for a mimosa.

Always go overnight: 

Whenever I’m dreaming up stress-free brunch recipes for the blog I always try and keep things ‘overnight friendly’. Meaning, the dish can be made up to a certain point, sealed up in the refrigerator and baked the next morning. This will save you a ton of time in the morning and a whole lot of stress.

Brunch recipes like scones, muffins, and pastries can also be made the night before, just be sure to seal them tightly so they stay moist and fresh. These are some of my classic overnight dishes that have made many appearances at brunch: 

Strawberry & Cream Overnight French Toast
Blackberry Rhubarb Crumble Muffins
Lemon Blueberry Coffee Crumble Cake
-Strawberry Lemon Poppyseed Scones
-Sausage and Kale Quiche

A white bowl of mini blueberry scones.


Think Mini!

Whenever I make something ‘mini’ it always feels far less intimidating. Plus, mini desserts are always a fan favorite. Swap out an intimidating batch of pancakes for 8-10, for small silver dollar ones stacked on a toothpick. Or, take your favorite scone recipe and shrink the triangles down to bite size pieces. I hate wasting food and this way everyone can try a little bit of everything. 

.A brunch spread outside in the backyard

Create a self-serve station: 

For a stress-free brunch, I love setting up a bar or a buffet area designated for coffee and mimosas and a section for food. This way people can self serve themselves and pick and choose exactly what they want. The thought of setting out a more formal set up on a Sunday morning, when I’m half asleep, makes me a little stressed. This way I know everything is being set up in one central location for people to graze at. 

Orange juice being poured into a mimosa glass.

Brunch Recipes to try: 


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