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DIY Bobbin Mirror

Say hello to the newest, and cutest mirror in my house! I have been obsessed with these bobbin mirrors since I started pinning for our new house. You can DIY a bobbin mirror for less than $60 and I’m going to show you how easy it is!

a mirror with a red bobbin border on top of olive and lemon white wallpaper and  a small piece of a plant in the top left corner

The Easiest home DIY!

I knew I wanted a bobbin mirror for the new martini bathroom makeover and I wanted it to make a statement. This bright red bobbin mirror POPS against our martini wallpaper and I just love it. I want one in every room in the house now.

You only need a few simple supplies for this DIY Bobbin Mirror and you can pick up a cheap mirror at Home goods (this is what I did) or maybe even repurpose a mirror you already have.

This is a very simple DIY that does not take a lot of skill and can certainly be finished in a day. You can customize it with any color or shape and shouldn’t cost you more than $40-60 depending on what mirror you choose. This same process can also be used on picture or art frames instead of a mirror.

Have I convinced you yet?! Let’s make one!

a red bobbin mirror on top of olive and lemon wallpaper with a hanging plant in the left corner. In the mirrors reflection is a window with red checkered curtains and a an olive green hand towel


  1. Mirror of Choice– I found my mirror at home goods for $30. You can repurpose one you already have, thrift one or buy it new. It can be round, oval, square or rectangle but just be sure it has a 1 inch border around, this is key!
  2. 1 inch Half Wooden Spheres – I bought two bags of these flat half wooden spheres for $12! I bought two bags, but I only ended up needing one.
  3. Hot Glue- I used a hot glue gun to glue my spheres on but you could probably use super glue too.
  4. Spray Paint- I wanted a bold red so I used Behr ‘No more Drama’ with a high gloss finish.
a blue bowl filled with many half wooden spheres

How to make a DIY Bobbin Mirror:

  1. Clean and Prep your Mirror – Remove sticker price tags and clean and dry the edges.
  2. Glue the Half Wooden Spheres– Fire up your hot glue gun and begin glueing on the wooden spheres to the mirrors border. You just need a little glue in the center of each sphere. I used a nail file to file down a few around the edges that overlapped the border a little.
a pink hot glue gun squirting glue onto a half wooden sphere
a half wooden sphere being placed onto a mirrors  borders edge with other half wooden spheres glued on

4. Cover the Glass- With masking tape and paper, cover the 100% of the glass on the mirror to prep for spray paint.

5. Spray Paint- Place the mirror on top of a card board box about half the size of your mirror so that the edges are accessible. Spray paint two light coats of paint evenly on the edges and over the wooden spheres. Wait one hour between coats.

a can of behr 'no more drama' red spray paint in front of a mirror
a mirror that has many half wooden spheres glued on the border and has been lined with blue masking tape and paper
Elizabeth spray painting the bobbin mirrors edge with red spray paint

Remove the masking- Allow the mirror to dry for 4-6 hours or overnight and remove the tape and paper. Voila!

border edge of the bobbin mirror with red spray paint on top of olive and lemon white wallpaper
elizabeth taking a selfie in the diy red bobbin mirror on top of olive and lemon white wallpaper

How do you like it?! I think it is so funky, bold and makes the wallpaper pop. It’s my new favorite selfie mirror and for good reason. I hope you make a DIY Bobbin Mirror in your own home!

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