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Fathers Day BBQ Party

Let’s throw a Fathers Day BBQ party!

This weekend take a few extra hours on Sunday to celebrate that special guy in your life. Whether it be your uncle, grandpa, Dad or just a family friend. In reality, I think most Dad’s are pretty simple in the sense that they appreciate great drinks and really wholesome food. If you’re Dad is anything like mine he probably says ‘oh don’t make a big deal about it, I have everything I need’. I always have the HARDEST time trying to figure out what to get my Dad for Father’s Day which means a small gathering will fit the bill. My Dad loves it when we gather on the weekend for an easy BBQ, which is just what he will get!

A black plate topped with a blue and white napkin on top of a tablescape.

How do you throw a Father’s Day BBQ party?!

First, set the scene! 
I love setting up a ‘themed’ tablescape for any party. Whether it be super fun and formal dinner or something laid back and easy like today’s party. Keep your color palette neutral with blues, whites, and blacks. I loved using these blue and white napkins for a classic bbq feel. I love serving up bbq on lightweight enamel plates. These black and white ones are great for the outdoors because if they accidentally drop they will never break on you! 

Is your Dad a beer guy like mine?! If he is, reuse some old beer bottles as your flower vases for that Father’s Day flare. It will instantly give your whole table a masculine touch. 

Black plate with a blue and white napkin and a platter of watermelon.

Fathers day table set up with a platter of watermelon, cornbread and beer bottles.

What do I serve for Father’s Day?

If you’re going the BBQ route your options are endless! Depending on your guest list (6-8 people?!)

  • 2-3 side dishes– keep your Dad’s favorite in mind! I love this orzo salad for afternoon parties!
  • 2-3 meats– think bbq chicken, grilled steak, ribs, etc. 
  • 1-2 drinks– I love using a large beverage dispenser for serving up a twisted vodka mango lemonade (my Dad’s favorite!)
  • 1-2 desserts– For bbq parties, easy desserts like key lime pie and whiskey berry crisp are my go to’s 

Beverage dispenser full of mango lemonade being poured into a mason jar.

Platter of watermelon on a fathers day bbq table.

Black cocotte filled with baked beans for a fathers day bbq.

Don’t forget a great playlist or entertainment!

My Dad is a total music buff and loves rocking out to some 80’s jams. I know a solid playlist will instantly get him in a great mood on Father’s Day even if he doesn’t want the attention on him. Take a minute and remember back to the ‘car jams’ when you were a kid. My Dad’s got more than I can count!

Music is first and foremost but if we’ve got a sports lover on our hands be sure to play the game on the radio or maybe bring out a projector to play ESPN during the party. 

Mango lemonade and beer in mason jars cheersing.

Fathers day bbq table filled with black plates, mango lemonade, watermelon platter and beer bottles full of flowers.

Something corny!

To round out your fun father’s day bbq party, include a little something corny. Have everyone write down their favorite memory (or two) of Dad and have him read all of them around the table. This is a great ice breaker and makes Dad feel a little special. 

Black dinner plate with a white salad plate and a black cast iron cocotte on top of a fathers day bbq tablescape.


  1. Jacqui
    March 10, 2023 / 12:09 am

    Everything looks amazing! Is there a recipe for the twisted vodka mango lemonade? It looks so good!

  2. Rosie
    May 28, 2020 / 12:42 pm

    Hi where did you get the drink dispenser from I absolutely love it!

  3. Hilda
    May 17, 2020 / 10:37 am

    Where can I buy the small pots?

    • Elizabeth Van Lierde
      May 17, 2020 / 12:47 pm

      These are from Target! Chrissy Teighans cravings line. Staub and Le Creuset also make super cute small pots!

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