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How to throw a Casual Mexican Dinner Party

Learn how to throw a Casual Mexican Dinner Party with an easy guacamole appetizer board, simple taco recipes, and pitcher perfect margaritas!

Mexican table setting with flowers, place settings and platters of tacos.


Mexican table setting with flowers, place settings and platters of tacos.
Friends at a dinner party outside in a backyard.
A girl holding a colorful flower arrangement.
I could not be more excited to finally share with you this Casual Mexican Dinner party that I hosted for The Inspired

Home Journal!

We put on an epic Mexican Dinner Party for a few of my closest friends equipped with a guacamole station, flavorful tacos, pitchers of margaritas and a modern tablescape that I fall in love with over and over again.

Four times a month I write over on The Inspired home-sharing recipes, party ideas, lifestyle tips and more! It’s my little blogging residency that I could not be more grateful for.

This month they have launched their third issue of The Inspired Home Journal: Spring & Summer! It’s my favorite issue so far and filled with gorgeous, colorful stories from other bloggers and writers.

Save this Pin for your next Mexican Dinner Party Inspiration!

This magazine gives me the hope that traditional publishing is alive. Whenever I head to Barnes & Noble and actually feel my story on a page I get goosebumps!

The editorial team gave me a ‘summer party‘ feature which was of course totally up my alley (and a bit complicated in the middle of January!) but we went for it!

I rented this great house and believe it or not shot this entire feature… in the pouring rain!

So if I can shoot this entire magazine feature in an actual monsoon, then you, my friend, can certainly throw a kick ass Mexican Dinner Party! 

Be sure to pick up a copy of The Inspired Home Journal at Barnes & Noble, Whole Foods or and share with me over insta if you get a copy!

An assortment of margaritas in pitchers and glasses.


For me, no fiesta, Cinco de mayo or casual Mexican dinner party is equipped without guacamole and margaritas… okay and maybe queso!

I feel like we’re all in agreement, yes?!

Instead of going with your standard chips and guac (although I love a party classic) I wanted to shake things up with a fn guacamole topping bar! This also gives people something to do if you’re a bit behind on getting dinner together. 

How to Create A Guacamole Topping Station: 

  1. Prep a big batch of guacamole and separate into 2-3 bowls
  2. Fill up one large serving bowl with your favorite tortilla chips
  3. Arrange 8-10 smaller bowls filled with different types of toppings. Use everything from cheese crumbles to fresh veggies! 
  4. Toppings ideas: sliced jalapeños, radishes, pico de gallo, salsa, cotija cheese, mango chunks, pepitas

A guacamole topping station. A guacamole topping station with guacamole, chips, salsas, and toppings. Two friends sharing margaritas at a mexican dinner party. A guacamole topping station with guacamole, chips, salsas, and toppings.


Didn’t think I’d throw a casual Mexican dinner party without a few pitchers of margaritas, did you?!

You can catch all three of these margarita flavors featured in The Inspired Home Journal!


If you’re looking for a fresh, simple big batch margarita (that you can make the night before!) grab this recipe! 

Other margarita recipes to try: 

Grapefruit Rose Gold Margaritas
Blood Orange Margaritas 
Frozen Mango Margaritas 

Pitchers and glasses filled with pineapple, watermelon and regular margaritas.A pitcher of watermelon margaritas on a mexican table setting.Two glasses filled with margaritas cheersing.


Anytime I’m throwing a dinner party I always try and make the side dishes super easy and a recipes that can be made ahead or the night before!

Choosing make ahead side dishes will save you so. much. time! Try a few of my favorite easy, make ahead Mexican side dishes: 

Mexican Fruit Salad with Chili Lime Seasoning
Chopped Tostada Salad 
Golden Corn and Mexican Cesar Salad
Deconstructed Guacamole Salad

A mexican elote salad platter being passed across the table.A black platter of fish tacos on corn tortillas with limes.


My rule of thumb when serving dinner at a dinner party is this:

For 6-8 guests it’s probably manageable to serve family style. After 8, I usually like to set up some sort of DIY or buffet situation for people to serve themselves.

If you’re serving family-style try these easy combos with a simple taco seasoning!

braised jacuzzi chicken | butter Lettuce | pickled red onions | cotija cheese 

blackened cod filets | zesty cabbage slaw | avocado slices | jalapeno 

carne asada | chimichurri | mango salsa | avocado crema | radish

You can find all of these taco recipes in this summer’s Inspired Home Journal! 

Tacos look gorgeous served up family-style but they can be just as fun for guests to make their own.

For a buffet station:
Keep all of your tortillas and proteins separate and warm 
Chop and prep all toppings in small bowls with serving utensils
A black slate platter being held with steak tacos topped with mango salsa.A round black platter of fish tacos being passed across the table.Two friends holding platters of tacos for a dinner party table.A hand grabbing a chicken taco.



Anytime I think of a casual Mexican dinner party or fiesta decoration ideas I instantly have a bright, vibrant color palette in my head.

Like any party tradition here on The College Housewife, I love a classic theme, with a twist! I wanted the decor to have a modern, sleek feel so we kept all the serving ware and table settings with black and white details.

Once the black and white foundation was set I went in with tons of pops of color! Everything from the drinks, food and florals were all going to be bursting with pinks, oranges, greens, and yellows for that traditional fiesta decorations!

My favorite part of the table design was swapping out one of the vases for a bowl/basket of flowers. Place a waterproof bowl in the center of a shallow basket with a piece of floral foam.

Trim your flowers almost to the bud and pop them into the foam. Could not have been simpler or prettier! 

A group of friends sitting at a mexican dinner party. A casual mexican dinner party setting with flowers, table settings and chips.

A huge thank you to my closest girlfriends that came out for this photoshoot! Not only was this a monster to put on but you all looked absolutely gorgeous doing it! One more huge thank you to the staff at The Inspired Home for allowing me to rent a gorgeous house for the weekend, throw a fiesta AND have it published in a magazine. I feel far beyond grateful and fortunate!

Save this Pin for your next Mexican Dinner Party Inspiration!

Mexican table setting with flowers, place settings and platters of tacos.

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