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Martini Themed DIY Bathroom Makeover

Check out our martini-themed DIY bathroom makeover! With olive wallpaper, a vibrant DIY French bobbin mirror, and martini decor, this has become my new favorite room in the house!

A before and after of our martini-themed bathroom!

This powder room is the most used bathroom in our home and I wanted it to be funky and fun every time someone steps foot in it. Plus, I love a small space makeover, as evidenced by my Italian Italian-inspired patio Makeover. Even small spaces deserve some TLC!

The inspiration behind the bathroom came when I found this Lemon and Olive themed wallpaper. As soon as I saw the paper I fell in love with it and knew it was the perfect statement-making wallpaper. Plus, I love a good cocktail theme!

Elizabeth taking a selfie in a red diy french bobbin mirror with olive wallpaper seen on the left side

Before and After:

The before:

This bathroom has great bones! It’s got a giant window on the west-facing wall and a large pedestal sink. This is the only bathroom on our first floor and gets used often, so I wanted to make it a little more inviting! I built out a little mood board that matched the vibe of our home and set out a plan!

a mood board showing olive wallpaper, vibrantly colored mirrors, and martini themed decorations

The After:

I took my favorite elements from the mood board and got to see them become reality over a pretty short period of time! I absolutely love how the olive wallpaper is a subtle nod to martinis, but then the martini accents really drive it home. Check out the specific pieces I worked on down below.

The bathroom with a toilet, pedestal sink, a plant hanging in the corner, a red french bobbin mirror, olive wallpaper, and red checkered drapes over the window

The Olive with a Twist Wallpaper:

closer photo of the olive wallpaper accent wall, hanging plant, and red checkered drapes over the window

I found this Olive with a Twist wallpaper on Chasing Paper. It comes in two different colors (black and white) and considering I was only doing one wall, it was relatively affordable. I went with the peel and stick option for installation ease and in case I wanted to change it out easily. I don’t have any plans of changing it out, it’s super cute and we love it! My brother and I put it up in just about an hour and we did just an accent wall. I thought about doing all the walls but my stress levels weren’t up to tackling the wall with the sink and toilet…

DIY French Bobbin Mirror

view of the diy red french bobbin mirror and the olive wall paper with a gold planter hanging in the corner to the left, you can also see the red checked drapes and the martini needlepoint on the wall in the mirror's reflection

I loved the idea of doing bold red accents with the wallpaper. Anytime I tie in red to my home decor it instantly makes a room feel more french to me, which is what I’m going for. We tied the red elements in with the checkered curtains and a DIY Red Bobbin Mirror that I created.

Stay tuned in next week to see how we turned this $900 mirror into a DIY masterpiece for less than $60!

Martini Accents

The needlepoint martini hanging over a handtowel

We tied in a few other martini elements to keep the aesthetic going. I needle-pointed a martini glass with similar colors to the bathroom’s color palette. I also got this seashell martini print from Etsy to put in a large gold frame on one of the walls.

Additional Bathroom Accessories:

So what do you think?! I’m absolutely in love with it and I think it matches our playful yet sophisticated vibe. My goal is for all of my guests to feel comfortable, and I think this small DIY bathroom makeover makes a big difference!

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