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Mexican Fruit Salad with Chili Lime Seasoning

I think Mondays either feel like a shot of tequila or a weak watered down drink. Today was a shot of tequila! Plus a lime and chili mezcal beergarita! I hit the ground running (mostly typing) with a crap ton of computer work to catch on. 

I planned out a shoot for the October Inspired Home Journal (a printed magazine!) that will come out for the Fall Season. The crazy life of a photoshoot stylist sometimes means always living in the months ahead. This basically meant a ton of strategic online shopping to make sure we will have all of the products in time for the June photoshoot. I’m not sure what wearing a large knit sweater in June will be like, but, I’ll be sure to put my hardcore jeans on that day. #gottadowhatyagottado

I also brainstormed a fun initiative for instagram! On a day to day basis I flip flop from business styling work to college housewife influencer/blogger work. At any given time I’ve got a project or two for both entities! This afternoon I brainstormed a new series called ‘virtual cocktail hour’. The name might change but the premise is an instagram story series where I ‘interview’ another blogger in a cocktail hour format.

The video series will be a back to back video trade off where I ask a blogger a question and he or she sends their answers recorded. I think starting a podcast (yes, I know everyones doing it) sounds so stinking cool but I have zero editing skills so I think I would be terrible at it. I am however, totally addicted to instagram stories. I spend far too much time watching them and I think this would be such a fun ‘show concept’. I think in our industry it is also so fun to hear other artists perspective and just hash out the nitty gritty sometimes. The idea came from this really weird photoshoot idea I had. I have been wanting to do a ‘desert’ themed shoot for forever but couldn’t figure out a good/on brand reason. I was walking Rascal on Sunday morning and it just HIT me. We could incorporate the desert photoshoot as a ‘cocktail hour from anywhere in the world’ type of theme. I would be able to interview anyone for this fun project no matter where I or they were! 

Sometimes my ideas come really randomly okay?! And they almost always come when I take the dog for a walk. Its one of the only hours in the day where I’m not on my phone and my mind is super clear. Cocktail hour/happy hour is such a popular concept during the summer months ahead that I thought the whole concept would be really fun and hopefully encourage readers to take a Friday afternoon and just unwind. Speaking of unwinding, what the heck are you doing this weekend?! It’s Cinco De Mayo after all! 

I have been grinding out a bunch of Cinco De Mayo friendly recipes. You must start any cinco de mayo celebration with a jumbo batch of guacamole and classic margaritas

I also wanted to include something really fun, fruity and colorful! Introducing… a Mexican fruit salad with chili lime seasoning! Growing up in Southern California I watched my closest girlfriends put Tajín or chili spice on a number of different candies and fruit. It is a southern California classic and screams Cinco De Mayo to me. I’m a huge fan of fruit salad at gatherings and parties. It is an easy way to bring out some more healthier dishes but I’ll admit sometimes it can get a little boring.

I swapped out regular fruit chunks and slices for these fun spears! Their shape made me feel like I was a Disneyland in Adventureland. If you’ve never been they have these super fun pineapple spears that you can pick up anywhere in the land and munch on while you’re waiting in line. They are my favorite on hot days when you just need something to help cool you off! Since we got our Disneyland passes I have been having so much fun trying all of the different foods! Alongside these fun fruit spears is a chili lime blend for dipping! I like to put it in a decorative bowl on the side in case people just want the fruit spears. 

This chili lime mix is an easy blend of flaky salt, fresh lime zest and plenty of spice. Give this a go if you’re looking for an easy and colorful dish to add to your Mexican night or Cinco De Mayo Menu! 

Mexican Fruit Salad with Chili Lime Seasoning

For the platter: Mango (my favorite!), watermelon, honeydew, and pineapple spears! *Note, you can cut all of your fruit the night before and seal tightly in plastic wrap or tupperware! Always save yourself a step whenever you can! 

For the spice blend: I just mixed together equal parts…
                                   -maldon flaky sea salt
                                   -fresh lime zest
                                   -Tajín or chili powder

For Garnish: Right before serving the fruit platter I love to squeeze on some fresh lime juice, a little bit of lime zest and a few fresh mint sprigs!

Don’t forget to save this pin for Cinco De Mayo! 


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