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I’m Elizabeth, it’s so nice to meet you! I am a 25 year old lover of all things creative, stylized and wholesome as well as an event planner, food lover and hostess to the people close to my heart. A recent graduate with a degree in communication studies and a concentration in hospitality. I created this blog a few years ago during my junior year of college in Colorado. While being a student was fulfilling, blogging fed my creativity.

The college housewife started out as an instagram handle pun and and rapidly grew into the art of all things domestic. A few years later I couldn’t be more interested in the world of entertaining, cooking and making a house a home with a modern and fresh take. On any given night you can catch me in our mid century-meets farmhouse-meets modern Orange County home, sharing a bottle of red wine with my boyfriend Jared, playing with our golden retriever Rascal, and enveloping myself with the new world of food and entertaining.

About the blog: I built this blog as a creative outlet for myself and a way for showing all people (but young people especially!) that entertaining can be fun! That you can be a twenty-something and enjoy the thought of having people in your own space. That you can have your bros over for beer and nachos and you can even have your family over for dinner! In our modern world where we spend 45/60 minutes of every hour staring at one screen or another, we need a healthy break. We need that few hours a week with good company, good food and even better drinks.

College housewife is about inspiring yourself on everything your home can do for you no matter how old you are, where you live, or what you’re good at. Making an aromatic pot of soup, a platter of killer enchiladas or a personalized table setting, are all things that you will find on this little space of mine. I am passionate embracing your inner hostess, cooking something that you never thought you would and seeing how having people over can be the most joyful thing that happened in your week.




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