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Valentines Date Night In Charcuterie Board

A romantic, date night In, charcuterie board for two. Perfectly curated for Valentines date night or any romantic holiday at home.

Valentines Day is here already!? This is my fifth Valentines Day spent with Jared and it’s hard to think back to the Valentines days that we weren’t together! Each year we do a little something different and we take turns splitting up the planning. I have loved this tradition because it really makes each go all out.

Over the years the plans have gotten a little less grand but definitely still thoughtful. When we first started celebrating Valentine’s day we were in college so it was one of the only holidays that we actually spent together. Christmas’s and Thanksgiving were spent at our own homes during the holiday break. Before I wrote this post I recollected all of them and I’m pretty sure this was the order and what we did… 

A romantic, date night In, charcuterie board for two. Perfectly curated for Valentines date night or any romantic holiday at home.

Year 1: I started off the inaugural back and forth planning tradition with Fondue! I cleared out my college apartment living room and set up two fondue pots on the coffee table. We sat on the ground with two large hot pots of chocolate and cheese. I lit up some candles I got from big lots and played some cheesy country music (Jared’s fav). Afterward, we went and saw 50 shades of Grey. I seriously feel so cheesy just writing this out to you guys lol bare with me!

Year 2: Year 2 Jared decided to split the night into two holidays. The first celebration was a combined Valentines with our close friends at ‘The Kitchen’. The Kitchen was one of the nicest restaurants in his college town. We all got dressed up, ordered four-course meals and split a bottle of wine. I mean super grown up for 22-year-olds right?! The next night Jared cooked me up a big steak, mashed potatoes, and asparagus. Poor guy, we ended the night at CVS because he got a horrible oil burn in the process. It made for some good memories though. 

Year 3: It was my turn to plan again and unfortunately I was working an insane 16 hour day at my old event planning job. I worked as an event planner for a private social club in downtown LA before blogging full time and every year they have a huge Valentines celebration for the members. I sent Jared a heart-shaped pizza to his office and the next day we went out to a super nice steak house in Anaheim called, ‘The Ranch’. Truth to be told I think he liked the heart-shaped pizza and the steak very evenly. 

Year 4: This day last year I was prepping for an insane 6 video shoot the next day. I felt super bad for Jared, I was really stressed the whole day and he tried super hard to steal me away for a few hours. I managed to sneak out for an hour to go to a local spot near our house for a quick dinner. It was a nice breather from a very long day. Sometimes they’re not all romantic folks, but ya make it work. 

Year 5: Ah, and here we are. Year 5. We are yet again celebrating the day after (I think this is starting to be a trend?). While it’s a bummer because we both are stuck on work trips/working the lines are usually ridiculous on actual Valentines Day. We are going to have a quiet night in on the actual night and head to a restaurant in Newport Beach the day after. Whenever we have a nice evening at home it always starts with a charcuterie board and a fun cocktail, always! 

A romantic, date night In, charcuterie board for two. Perfectly curated for Valentines date night or any romantic holiday at home.

I’m a little short on time this year because of work trips and some big content projects for The Inspired Home but I still needed to find a way to make our little evening extra special. Like a classic millennial, I use apps like insta cart, postmates and abuse my amazon prime account on the regular. But sometimes you need a little something special and curated.

This year I’m turning to De Lallo to create the cutest little custom charcuterie board. I was able to pick a handful of really delicious items that will be sent right to my door in a cute little box. I teamed up with them to curate a cheeseboard for you guys with some of my favorites! Manchengo and gouda for my cheeses, little toasts, crunchy almonds and more! It’s portioned out for 2 people so you won’t have anything lingering over. One of the main reasons why I love these custom boards! Be sure to check out this cute board and order yourself one if you’re going the ‘date night at home’ route on Valentines Day. Besides, you can never be too cheesy 😉 

Grab this custom cheeseboard that we constructed with De Lallo for Valentines Day and use our code ‘Valentine2019’ to get 20% off your cheeseboard. What. A. Steal! 


Other great Valentine’s Day recipes: 

A romantic, date night In, charcuterie board for two. Perfectly curated for Valentines date night or any romantic holiday at home.

In my opinion, all romantic cocktails should be made with champagne. I’m pairing off our De Lallo Valentines Cheeseboard with a simple, romantic cocktail. A blood orange gin spritz! The rich color of blood orange juice and traditional champagne are epitome of a romantic cocktail in my book. 

Whether you’re having a Galentines get together (which I am ALL about BTW) or a romantic night with your special someone I just want to wish lots of love upon you this holiday. Enjoy xoxo

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Valentines Date Night In Charcuterie Board


A refreshing and romantic cocktail for Valentines Day or any date night in. Filled with fresh blood orange juice, raspberry liquor, gin and champagne!



Juice of two blood oranges

2 Ounces of Gin

2 Ounces of Chambord or raspberry liquor

Champagne or prosecco

Blood orange slices


  1. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice, blood orange juice, gin, and raspberry liquor. Shake vigorously for 30 seconds. Pour evenly into two chilled glasses.
  2. Top each cocktail off with champagne or prosecco. Garnish with a blood orange slice and serve.


There isn’t any added sweetener in this cocktail. If you love a sweeter cocktail add in a small squirt of honey or simple syrup.

Don’t forget to pin this recipe for Valentines Day!


  1. February 19, 2019 / 10:37 pm

    Celebrating at home is my fav! Especially with a good cheese board and those gin fizz cocktails!

  2. February 11, 2019 / 3:00 pm

    Better to celebrate the day after anyways cuz then all the chocolates on sale 😉

    • elizabethvanlierde7698
      February 11, 2019 / 4:34 pm

      I have totally forgotten this but you could not be more right!

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