Blackberry Whiskey Mint Lemonade

This cocktail is my cry for summer to come just a liiiiittle faster. Yesterday here in Colorado temps went up to a whole 80 degrees. Hallelujah! Lemonade is my favorite classic beverage when it's warm out. These Eli Mason cocktail syrups that I got my hands on always make me think of rich southern flavors in a hearty mason jar. Eli Mason cocktail syrups are like my little bar sidekick. The Eli Mason brand offers not only a delicious mint julep syrup, but a great house grenadine syrup, old fashion cocktail mixers, and plenty of other simple syrups that are great for your at home bar cart. How beautifully designed is their logo too?! I just can't get enough Eli Mason in my life. 

This cocktail is made with whiskey, but if you're looking for a great treat for a warm day you can always omit the alcohol for just a refreshing lemonade. I used bulleit bourbon whiskey and it was smooooooth. It gave this lemonade such a dynamic flavor.  I made a pitcher full of the lemonade and took on the patio while we fired up the grill. I know it's only March, but in my mind it was July ;)

Blackberry Whiskey Mint Lemonade

8 oz of lemonade
2 tablespoons of
Eli Mason mint julep syrup
1 ounce of whiskey
3 blackberries
3 torn fresh mint leaves
blackberry and lemon wedges for garnish

Muddle together your blackberries and torn mint leaves and pour into a cocktail shaker. Pour in lemonade, whiskey, syrup and ice. Shake well and pour into a cold mason jar. Top with a garnish of blackberries and a lemon wedge.