Tassel Cake

Pillows! Purses! Sheets! Shoes!

Tassels are EVERYWHERE this summer! I am a little bit obsessed with this trend and my wallet is surely suffering from it ha!

Every time I step into Target there is something new with tassels! The pillows are what gets me the most. Anthropologie has some options with a heavier price tag but are probably a bit more whimsical. Wherever you find them, the tassel has even stole the show in many jewelry designs as well but I prefer it on my handbags, interior decor items and in this case food! 

I have really contemplated over the year of introducing more intricate cake designs and I truly believe you can accomplish this cake look! It took me less than a half an hour to decorate and results are so festive!  

You will need a few special items from your local craft / cake decorating store but all together it should cost you about $10 or less! The colors that I chose for the tassels were burgundy, terra cotta, turquoise and egg yellow. How fun are those color names?! The person who gets to name food coloring colors must be so ... well... colorful ha! Feel free to use your own color combos and let your personality shine through.

I only used two different piping tips for the tassel decorations. They are the grass tip and a small round tip, you can find the details below in the recipe! Each tassel layer was piped over twice for a thicker look but you can certainly just do one if you're short on time! I wanted to have the effect as if they were hanging but you can place them anywhere on the cake. Afterwards I thought a square cake would have been so great! Just like the pillow shown in the post :) 

All and all have fun with this! Buttercream is generally easy to work with and below you will find a recipe that is stiff enough to keep your decorations stable, but fluffy enough that it tastes DELICIOUS. Nothing is worse then the pure sugar frosting you get from cakes decorated from the grocery store. 


 Decorating Buttercream

4 Sticks / 1 Lb. of unsalted butter at room temp
2 Lbs. of powdered sugar
4 Teaspoons of pure vanilla extract
3 Teaspoons of course kosher salt
¼ - ½  Cup of milk
4 Food coloring colors of choice – I found mine at hobby lobby / local craft stores
2 Decorating Tips + Couplers (white pieces that hold the tip)  – Grass Tip #233 & Small Round Tip #1
+3 – Six-inch vanilla cake sponges
2 Cups of jam (pick your fav flavor!) I used boysenberry.

 Decorating Buttercream

In a large bowl combine butter, vanilla extract, and salt. In a stand mixer or with hand mixer beat butter combo for 4-5 minutes or until pale in color and light & fluffy. Add in powdered sugar, 2 cups at a time beating after each addition. When mixture becomes stiff add in milk as needed. 

Cake Assembly

Cut domes off of cake layers. Assemble first cake round onto cake stand. Spread half of jam onto trimmed layer evenly. Continue first step for second layer. Begin to thinly coat buttercream onto all of cake. Once the crumb coat is applied, chill for 15-20 minutes. After cake has chilled, apply a second and even layer of buttercream. Be generous with buttercream but be sure to reserve some for tassel decorations. **For an extra smooth finish heat your cake decorating spatula underneath warm water.

Place remaining frosting into four separate bowls. Add in ¼ tsp. of color into each separate bowl or more to reach desired colors. Fill four pastry bags with each color and grass tip OR use a fresh bag after each color is applied.

For tassel effect: apply pressure to pastry bag and start from bottom of one tassel side and work up into a downward U- Shape, releasing pressure at the end of tassel. “Tie” tassel with a smaller round tip with a few small lines.