Big Batch Guacamole for a Crowd


Hello hello! Are you oh so excited to see a jumbo bowl of guacamole on today's post?! Because I am!

I hope this photo puts this to scale because there is like 10 avocados mashed into that shallow bowl! 

Last year I wrote this quirky little post of fun facts about myself and one of them was what I would eat if I was stuck on a deserted island. My top two picks are fresh chocolate chip cookies and chips and guacamole. I don't think I could actually get sick of guacamole. It's just too smooth and delicious. This week I have basically turned the blog into cinco de mayo headquarters so bare with me okay?! I only get to go a little Mexican recipe crazy once a year. Considering margaritas are pretty much a branding element to The College Housewife now, this holiday is kind of a big deal! 

I'm trying to round up classics like green chili enchilada casserole and new recipes like classic pitcher margaritas

Big Batch Classic Gucamole-1.jpg

My standard batch of guacamole is usually between 3-4 avocados. I think about 75% of the time I'm cooking is for just Jared and myself. I knew I needed to kick this recipe up a notch! I think whenever readers are cooking for holidays they are always using key terms like 'guacamole for a crowd' or 'party sized guacamole' so I really wanted to hone in and teach you guys how to make standard Cinco De Mayo classic recipes that would feed enough for all of your guests! I can totally attest that I do the same thing when I am scanning Pinterest for a quick and crowd-pleasing recipe. 

Mashing enough avocados for triple the normal serving of guacamole can seem daunting! I saw the bakers rack trick (pictured below) a few months ago and it really stuck with me! I banked this recipe idea in the notes of my phone because I knew I wanted to include it on the blog this year. All you have to do is cut open, de-pit the avocado and mash the meat of the fruit through the rack. Sometimes the edges don't come out as easily as the middle of the fruit. I just take a spoon and make sure I've got as much meat as I can scooped out. The avocados are already diced it makes your time spent mashing cut in half! I like a chunkier guacamole texture but feel free to blend and mash till you reach your desired consistency.

Big Batch Classic Gucamole-3.jpg

I kept the flavoring ingredients super classic! Diced red onions, minced jalapeños, fresh lime juice, chopped cilantro and kosher salt. Simple and effective! If you are into more crazy toppings check out this guacamole toppers post I wrote for The Inspired Home. For bigger gatherings and parties I always try to keep dishes super simple so I stuck with the classic guacamole ingredients. 

I explained more in the recipe below about adding in the ingredients but be careful with your salt and lime! I like to mash up all of the avocados, add in the red onion, cilantro, and jalapeños in a big shallow bowl. I then add the salt and lime in slower or in halves and give the batch a taste test after each addition! You've got quite a bit of avocados and once you over salt or over lime its hard to really gain that great flavor back, so go slow and taste test. Eating guacamole is the best part anyway right?! I like to give the rim of the bowl a small wipe with a wet cloth just to clean up the edges for presentation #foodstylisttricks.

Serve the bowl with a few sprigs of cilantro and some lime wedges on top. I always try and find the thickest and saltiest chips I can get my hands on for ultimate dunkness. 

Be sure to follow along this week as I am dishing up ton's of party favorites for your cinco de mayo gathering needs! Adios! 

Big Batch Classic Gucamole-4.jpg
Big Batch Classic Gucamole-6.jpg

Big Batch Guacamole for a Crowd

10 Avocados, diced with a bakers rack
1/2 Red onion, finely diced
4 Limes, juiced
1 Cup of freshly chopped cilantro
3 Jalapeños, minced (more if you like it spicy!)
1 Teaspoons of kosher salt
1 Teaspoon of garlic salt
+Salty tortilla chips

Squish each avocado through a bakers rack to dice avocados quickly! Mash the skinned meats of the avocado with a fork or a potato masher until desired creaminess is achieved (I like my guac a little chunkier!). Add in red onions, chopped cilantro, minced jalapeños and stir.

Add in garlic salt and juice of two limes to batch of guac. Taste test after this salt and lime edition. If desired flavor is reached, omit the kosher salt and rest of lime juice. If the flavor isn't there yet, keep adding!

Serve with warm and salty tortilla chips! 

Big Batch Classic Gucamole-7.jpg