The Sunday Slate: Vol 13

If I am being totally honest with you, this week was filled with all of the emotions. The first half of the week was spent with an argument with Jared #reality, finding my own health insurance (UH), and way too many work details that I could even go through to spew out to you. Basically, it was an adult filled week my friends which are not the greatest in my book.

Alas, I have far too much to be grateful for these days that I try an kick these fillings as fast as I can. Have I mentioned I am still on the best high from being nominated for a Saveur Blog Award?! You have two days left to vote for this lil blog home of mine in the ‘Best Entertaining’ category!

Luckily, the second half of the week was spent brainstorming Harry Potter cocktails for The Inspired Home, a trip to the flower market (always my favorite!) and a super fun succulent planting party with my friends. Needless to say the closer was far more exciting to this week’s opener. Scroll down to catch what was up for this first week post summer!

1. Succulent Planting Party! 

This weekend we closed out summer entertaining season with an epic birthday party for my friend Jackie. While I love a dinner party for any occasion we switched it up with something a little different…A succulent planting party!

I don’t want to give away too many details because I have a whole blog post on the party soon but it was such. a. fun. party. We got all of our boyfriends involved, had light herbal cocktails and apps and the whole party was actually really cheap to put together #winwin in my book!

2. Top 5 things on Getting Cozy 

Getting cozy is practically a hobby for me during the fall and winter months and this year I am determined to get a little ahead on the craft!


3. Fanny Packs!

I seem to be having a moment with fanny packs and belt bags! I have been on the hunt for a cute one for my walks with Rascal. I'm getting quite tired of shoving my keys in my boobs and figuring out how not to drop my phone 5 times during our walk. I'm thinking these will do the trick. Then I also realized I needed one when I'm headed out to the bars with my ladies! This way I don't have to worry about losing anything!


4. Favorite Soup Recipes + Recipe Essentials! 

I still am having  a hard time believing that summer is actually over. The evenings are slowly starting to get cooler around here but I'm sure we will get one or two more heat waves before it's really, over. Either way I am thinking ahead on what kind of soups I want to dive into this season! These are some of my favorites I can't wait to try and some of my best soup making tools! 

love and lemons 


Stainless Steel Buffet Serving Ladle

Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender

the daley plate


Le Creuset Cast-Iron Round Dutch Oven

Vitamix Explorian E310 Blender

5. Go to cocktails when you want to let loose from a long week 

Some weeks are naturally harder than others. Especially those that involve boyfriend fights, finding your own healthcare and 50+ hour work weeks.


6. Favorite Athleisure Outfits! 

Even thought I work from home I make it a point to get 'dressed'. This mostly means a sundress of some sorts (if I'm feeling fancy) but 9/10 I am usually in some kind of athleisure wear. I am loving these looks at the moment! 

(carosoul of athleisure clothing items) 

7.  3 recipes i've been loving for a night at home!